Thank You America

Dear Americans,

As an Australian living in Singapore, who had the pleasure of living in your fine country for two and a half fantastic years, I just wanted to say thank you for voting Obama back in. I woke up a bloody mess this morning at the possibility that Romney might get in – truth be told, it frightened the shit out of me! Now I know many of you probably can’t see why the rest of us care, but many of us do, we really really do.

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The change in laws for women’s reproductive rights proposed throughout the Republican’s campaign was top of my list. You see if your country makes this decision, other countries will follow – it gives religious extremists around the world the upper hand. All I could see was poor women dying of backyard abortions, or children born unwanted into destitution, and so the social problems in your country go on and on – because it is not the rich who suffer under these laws. Heck they just fly to another country to sort their “problem” out.
I believe a woman’s body is her own, and no politician has the right to take away her access to what she needs to live her life as she sees fit. It seems the voice of America’s women was heard today, with 70 per cent of single women voting in favour of Obama because of the threat to reproductive rights. Nice one girls – good to know your vote counts huh?
Although I must say, as a country that claims its’ politics as independent of the Church, a shit load of the arguments during this campaign were God-based! And I’m not even going anywhere near the absolute bollocks I heard on rape and the “gift” of a child from rape – who are these people? What planet are they from exactly?

There were many other aspects that worried me, but the major point for me is that under Obama I feel we can move forward from a humanity perspective. Under Romney, I saw no humanity – and I’m talking on a global scale here. If the Republicans were in office this last four years, I absolutely believe we would already be at war with Iran – and I say we, because my country – Australia – consistently follows America into war. That’s another reason why I really care. I know Obama isn’t an angel and please Barrack, can you sort out that drone activity in Pakistan? It’s not good, not good at all – but at least he gives diplomacy a chance. No fiery war rhetoric like George W – ugh that man still makes me feel sick. How exactly did he get in for two terms?

Anyway, I could say so much, but I only want to say thank you. I am feeling very happy, because I care and I want to live in a better world. I feel it’s possible under Obama and I wouldn’t feel this way if the Republicans won today. Let’s hope both parties now focus on working together for the next four years to sort your country out – because let’s face it, the rest of the world needs that to happen as well. It’s quite a responsibility being the world’s most powerful country, no?

Yours, without the bollocks

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