Surfing Birthday Cake

When you are born, the talent genes are handed out. We all get something, but the Martha Stewart gene was definitely not added to my collection. My sister, Phillipa, got my share of that gene and not only can she cook like a master chef; she makes everything look Michelin Five star. Accepting my lack of that feminie talent long ago, I was gifted with another one and that is the “give-it-a-go-anyway-gene.” Armed only with that, yesterday I braced myself to make a surfing inspired birthday cake. Searching Google for ideas, I had nothing more than the motivation, a photo and a sceptical husband who was very doubtful it would work. Thankfully he knows that when I set my mind to something, he just needs to step out of the way and let me fail or succeed – that’s how I roll.

Now I can cook, and I can definitely make a very nice cake, but my challenge is the making-it-look-pretty bit. I am definitely more of a cook for 20 people kind-of-person, with a preference for placing big pots of food in the centre of the table and everyone can just tuck in at their pleasure. In fact, a dream job would be a stint as a cook on a working boat – where everyone needs lots of sustenance – ‘cos I reckon I could do that well. One day maybe.

Thus, with great apprehension, I approached the making of Lex’s surfing inspired birthday cake and here it is. Steve had to contribute of course, and he decided a Wicked Weasel on one of the dolls was required. Now if you don’t know this brand, the tagline line is “Micro bikinis, barely covering girls since 1994.” I do have a classy husband. The boys had to add some sea creatures as well, but most of it is mine.

The original plan included a BIG surfing wave – and this is where most of the doubts came in – especially from my engineering husband. He couldn’t see how an icing wave could be structurally sound, and in the end, he was right. I ended up doing a mini-wave, however when driving to the birthday party with the cake in my lap, I looked down and said “Steve, it looks like a very big blue penis with a massive set of balls!” Apparently he had already thought the same but decided not to mention it – he’s wise too.

It didn’t matter, the cake was destroyed within moments, it got enough of an impressed reaction from the other mums who (like me) would outsource this aspect of the party, and the cake was tasty as promised. I definitely have a strong preference for buying the cake – as there are some VERY talented people in this city offering these services – but disorganised me ran out of time to even order an ice-cream cake from Svensens, and thus I knew I had to knuckle down and deliver.

It was fun and I’m glad I did it. I’m not sure I’ll do it again, but hey, I have made three kids birthday cakes now, which is a good effort for someone without the Martha Stewart gene.

And with that I wish my beautiful little boy, Lex, a very very happy 6thbirthday today. He is a magnificent, big hearted and compassionate little fella, and while we’ve had some tough times along the way, I love my little man with all my heart.

And the reason for the surfing inspiration? A little video of my lad in action:

Yours, without the bollocks

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