All is as it Should Be?

Peter Hoddle, my spiritual mentor, explained to me before I left Australia (again!) that if I can live my life accepting that all is as it should be, that the “big” plan is always in motion, even when I can’t see it, then I will be a lot happier. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this concept and reading other perspectives on it, and over time I think I’ve almost fully embraced it and made it a fundamental part of how I live and think. I say almost because impatience is still one of my “qualities.”

The best thing about this almost completed internal evolution is that life really is a lot better when you can look at any situation and say, it’s OK, chill bitch. By embracing the concept that “all is as it should be” I can focus on what I want and where I’m going, all the while knowing I’m going to get there. Even though it often doesn’t feel like what I want is happening right now, all I need to do is keep my eye on the prize and enjoy the journey because I’m already headed in the right direction.

It might sound wishy washy to some, but it really does make a lot of sense. It also takes away that human need for predictions and assurances of the future – aka clairvoyance type experiences.

I know I’ve lived my life crashing and bashing through the hurdles that have come up. I’ve always known what I’ve wanted fundamentally and seem to have spent most of my life fighting to get where I wanted to go, but in most cases, the journey has been full of stress and angst.

Always, ALWAYS when I’ve said “enough, no more stressing” about any situation in my life, what I was fighting for has just “happened.” Isn’t it amazing that I’ve only recently realised that all I needed to do all along was to stop fighting against life, enjoy the journey but remain focused on the goal? Life lessons are beautiful things huh?

Since I started working with Peter, hearing his wise yet simple message, I’ve stopped trying to control my life all the time. I’ve also calmed down a hell of a lot, and embraced the moments more. All I can say is it’s a much better place for me to be and you know what, I have more time because I’m not scrambling trying to make things happen anymore – bonus.

For example, when I’ve pitched some new business and it isn’t going to happen – for whatever reason – I can say “it’s alright, it’s not supposed to be.” When I’m waiting on an important phone call that never comes I think “oh well, on to the next.” It doesn’t mean I sit on my arse and wait for life to come to me. It means I constantly work towards what I want, put myself out there, write, think, read, work, network and have fun, but I don’t stress about the end goal.

The end goal is coming, and sometimes it’s not what I expect, but when it’s not what I expect it’s usually a hell of a lot better than what I had in mind anyway, so it’s all good.

It is definitely the most liberating evolution I’ve ever undertaken, because when I’m not so focused on the end goal every minute of my day, I can step back, look at what is happening, learn the lessons as they happen (rather than in hindsight,) and change directions/focus if that is what’s best. Sometimes I’ve been so focused on my goal I’ve missed better opportunities (that’s hindsight for you,) so now that I am more open to everything, much better things and experiences are coming into my life.

There you go, something I’ve learnt and wanted to share. Maybe someone out there who’s lived life at full throttle like me – and is potentially exhausted by that way of living – will read this and say, you’re right, it’s time to chill bitch!

So Thanks Peter. You were someone I needed to meet on this life journey.

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. Chill bitch! Love it! I am better at this than my husband. Problem is that occasionally you forget the chill bit, start stressing and then remember – CHILL. It definitely takes practice & occasionally the odd reminder.
    What will be will be, live for today – yeah sounds corny but ever so true.
    Chill Bitch – as I said LOVE IT! Fiona XXX

  2. It also took me a while to discover that slowly but surely I'd been reaching my goals, even if they had changed a little by the time I arrived there.
    All my life I've been travelling down a road with one goal in mind. On this road I'm given obstacles to hurdle. But the more I hurdle the more I gain in gusto, confidence, strength, belief, ability and experience. With experience I realise that I've grown and changed.
    By the time I reach my goal, it's grown, developed and changed with me!
    Ahhh! I love a happy ending!

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