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I’m sorry to many of my female friends for admitting this, but I am a very lucky girl. Steve, my husband, loves his sport but he never ever watches it at the expense of his family, it is always at the expense of himself. If he really wants to watch something, he’ll never step away from his responsibilities or sacrifice our time together – instead he’ll stay up late (4am finishes have been known) to watch it or he’ll watch it during naptime. I feel very lucky indeed, because I know that most men definitely make sport a priority.So you can imagine my surprise, that for the last three Saturday nights I have agreed to watch the rugby with him – two nights of the All Blacks versus the Springboks and last Saturday night the Springboks Vs the Wallabies. The All Blacks won the first two and the Wallabies won on Saturday – hooray!!!

Initially, when we started watching a bit of rugby together, it was a match made in heaven. Steve LOVES the game and I love the bodies. Rugby men are my ideal physical shape – big beefy guys with massive thighs and shoulders – Yum! When we watch the Rugby World Cup, Steve watches the skill, while I put together my international team of spunks. The scrums are a favorite part, as all those lovely bums and thighs get pumped up in all their glory. It is indeed a yummy game for me to watch, with a bit of salivating in the mix.

The most yummy thing to watch is, of course, the Hakka – big men all pumped up and ferocious, laying down a challenge…. it is definitely a man’s game, not a little boys game like all the rest of male sport looks in comparison. I definitely find it aesthetically pleasing.

However, I also admit that over the years I am developing a bit of skill in understanding the game – thanks to the patient guidance and teachings of my husband. However, I have recently come to the conclusion that there are aspects to the game I will never understand because I have never played it, but there are also some psychological aspects to the game that I can’t fully grasp. With all that said, I do really enjoy it, and this year’s Tri-nations is setting itself up to be one stonker of a tournament. Although the Springboks are off to a horrible start!

Then again, as a rule, I don’t like the Springboks. Not because they’re the Springboks, but because there is not one member of the team fit to be in my International Team of Spunks. They are an ugly bunch of bastards and until they get their spunk quota up, sorry guys, you’ll never get my support. The All Blacks always have spunks for my team and Australia usually has a few – although I miss Taqiri – what a sexy man he was to watch ploughing through the field with those delicious thighs.

The World Cup is coming up next year and that is something I’m looking forward to – our children permitting. Australia has a young team and I reckon they have the potential for absolute brilliance by the time it comes around, so it’s an exciting time to be watching rugby for the Aussies. However, I know it’s disloyal, but I’d love to see the All Blacks win the World Cup this year – it’s their time I reckon – and they do look damn fine in their uniforms.

So girls, if you like your men big, not to mention eloquent (something else lacking in most male sports) and you’re not already watching rugby, I can heartily recommend it. Make sure you watch the half time coverage as it includes scenes from the changing room – yummy yummy yummy!

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. There's just something about Rugby that cannot be found in other sports. Tension, perhaps? Hehe! IDK, but I find it more fun to watch and seeing those men and women battle in the field without any protection (like those in football), makes it more exciting. Yep, husbands are the ones who are always hooked in these games. What's new?

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