My husband… too cold to shag

We don’t need to look too far for reasons to get back to Asia – we miss it – the life, the freedom, the ability to all achieve what we want to achieve, and so much more… but one thing we do miss is the weather! Who would ever have thought that they’d miss Singapore weather? Well we do, we really really do! Sweaty messes and all!We both love being warm all the time and even though the Sunshine Coast has incredibly mild winters where you can still wear thongs/flip flops during the day, it’s still really cold for us and it’s making us miserable.

Factor in the cold + the exhaustion that comes from any day with our boys, well Steve ain’t going to get too lucky in the bedroom gymnastics department now is he? I try, I really do as I recognise how important it is for any marriage to really work, but when I jump into bed and cannot cope with even a whisper of cold air, there ain’t no chance at all of getting down to business if I have to relinquish even a millimeter of warmth!

I suppose that means that if we do move back to Asia and we have help + it’s warm, then I’ll be out of excuses…. or I’ll just have to come up with a fresh batch.

Anyone got any ideas?

Yours, without the bollocks

PS: Steve just read this over my shoulder and has booked our flights…. not really!

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