Why Facebook is Great for me!

I’m obviously not writing this as a promo for Facebook (because they don’t need it) but as a promo for my needs in keeping the communication channels flowing. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are waxing and waning on Facebook now – the thrill is over huh? – and I just want to say COME BACK!

In the good old days before social networking, many people didn’t stay in touch or if they did, they’d write email “letters” that I just never had time to respond to, especially since the boys have come along. Between family and wife obligations + my work, any extracurricular activities, like staying in touch with friends old and new, is part of life’s juggling act and I have been getting shoddier and shoddier at it. I do consider myself good at keeping in touch, but I have to say that it is getting much harder.

And that’s where Facebook has been such a boon for me. Someone recently said you like Facebook huh? You’re pretty active on it. And the reason is I get to be a voyeur into my friend’s lives. I know what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with, how they’re feeling, and their opinions on certain events going on around them. I know who’s having babies, getting engaged or married, and even who’s getting the odd shag.It’s awesome because I can know all of this and feel connected to people who have touched my life, BUT I don’t need to spend hours and hours doing it – just a scan of my Facebook page here and there is all that’s required.

I’ve found old school friends I lost touch with, old Uni buddies and even a couple of fellow Army Musicians I did my time with. It’s been very cool checking in on people from across all spectrums of my life and I’m certainly not bored with Facebook. Hey I’ve known for a long time that I’m a voyeur at heart, so it really appeals to me as a communication mechanism.

So for those getting apathetic with Facebook, pick yourself up, slap yourself around the chops, appreciate it for what it is and get back online. I love knowing what’s going on in your life – good or bad – it’s a way of feeling close when we often live many many miles away from each other.

Yours, without the bollocks

PS: for those reading my blog and not on Facebook – e.g. Andy Noble – sort yourself out!!

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  1. Ha! I'm just playing hard to get. Any chance you'll be able to make it to PR this spring? No worries if not. I'll work on getting back out there later this year.
    We miss you.

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