Lex Slept Until 10am

I couldn’t believe it this morning – Lex (6) slept until 10am – Lex has never slept until 10am, I mean, he just doesn’t do it! Lex is up and at it so early EVERY SINGLE DAY and has been since the day he was born, so much so Steve and I are worn out by the little bugger, but 10am, 10AM!!

On one of the disco buses with Aunty Vick
Equally I’m not surprised. Our trip to Phuket was mind boggling for Lex. He loved every minute of it and we could see his mind expanding as he was putting this new world together in his head. Jax is a little different in that his life exists in closer proximity to his body – he’s just a cooler character – but Lex, from the day he was born, has been way out there in the world – taking it all in, working it all out, trying to put all of the pieces together.

Interestingly, as he’s the one who had speech challenges, people have often failed to notice how bloody smart and aware he is. As a Mummy observer, I can’t help but feel children are measured on their intelligence by the eloquence of their speech? But with Lex, I’ve always known he was smart, as is his little bro Jax, but we also have another quality in the mix – and that is curiosity.

Curiosity is an awesome quality in a person and one that attracts me to new friends. In a child, however,  curiosity can be really REALLY bloody annoying. An excessively curious child (which Lex obviously is) is always seeking more, checking more, touching more, feeling more, smelling more, seeing more… and as any parent of an excessively curious children knows – it’s a SUPER BIG pain in the arse for the parents – I mean, how many times do you need to tell them to stop bloody touching something? And no, I don’t know the answer to that question, because we never reached a definitive point on that one, with either of them… Bloody kids!

But Lex really loved our Phuket adventure. He took it all in, and we watched him processing all of the new information he was receiving, working it out in his own unique way and drawing incredibly logical conclusions about some very surreal situations. He was open and aware, but by the end of every night, he was bloody knackered, which meant he was walking around with big bags under his eyes every day. Little love.

Is it any wonder our mini-man comes home, to a place where he feels safe, and just sleeps as hard as he can? I wasn’t surprised at all – I mean it was exhausting just watching his brain in action.

One thing for sure – apart from the fact that this trip has positively helped Lex to grow in leaps and bounds – is the wonder I felt seeing both boys really embracing every new experience they faced. Steve and I also feel tremendously relieved because we now know, deep down, that they are born travelers which is important to us – like really really important. Let’s face it, not everyone was born to travel.

As a Mum, I love being able to offer the boys these sorts of experiences, because there will be many many more, and a lot of them will be a lot more adventurous. We’re already planning our next one to Sri Lanka – which we expect to be even more interesting.

Travelling, exploring, adventuring – that’s just how we wanna live our life. Regular 10am sleep-ins from both boys would be a superb bonus too.

Yours, without the bollocks


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