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Kiss me mum, kiss me mum

It’s Christmas time and a delightful evolution has happened in my mothering journey. Jax has decided that every night, I must kiss him before he’ll go to sleep.
But not just any kiss.
The challenge I face is: he covers his face with his hands, and I have to remove his hands to kiss him. Now Jax is a strong little fella, so this isn’t as easy as it sounds, but I eventually break him down and give him a big smacker-oo.
Not to be excluded, Lex then wants me to do it to him too. Unfortunately Lex is like me. Once you get him giggling, all strength disappears, so he is easy peasy.
But of course, it’s not the end of things. Jax wants me to do it to him again, and Lex insists on a second go as well. This extends night time rituals significantly and one is not always in the mood for antics at this time of the evening, but I gotta tell you, it’s super sweet! I mean, how can I resist them wanting me to kiss them? Not to mention, it so much better than being the worst mum ever….
I definitely see great romantic opportunities for these two lads down the line, and I can imagine them playing games like this with their lovers in the coming years. They’re going to do so well on that front. Especially Jax. He’s got a lot of charm that one.
With parenting, nothing stays still, and the kissing game evolved again last night. This time I had to resist them kissing me. I could have put up a feeble fight, but decided no, I’ll play their game. When determined I ain’t no easy push-over, but they eventually broke through the barriers – two of them taking me on at once. They think I’m Wonder Woman – chortle chortle.
My fear that one of us would get hurt was definitely justifiable, but thankfully, no smashed teeth – yet. It’s high-stakes-loving this.
Anyhoo it’s just a really lovely little thing that’s happening in my life right now and I think lovely things are important to share.
Can you share a lovely thing happening in your world right now to make us all smile?
And in case you were wondering, I am very cognizant of deeply appreciating and valuing this moment in time with my boys. All too soon they’ll never look back, so I am treasuring it, because this is the stuff that will always stay in my heart.
Yeah #BloodyKids, but they can be alright sometimes…
Hope it made you smile.
Yours, without the bollocks

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