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A year of honouring amazing friendships around the world

I’ve been on the road, travelling and living around the world, since 1995. I’ve lived and worked in Melbourne, London, Boston, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Phuket, Noosa, Singapore and now, Phuket again. Before I left Australia in 1995, I had already built an amazing community of friends, who I adore to this day. And since then, so many more magical people have come into my life.
While this has been amazing, there is a hard part to it – missing the day-to-day moments. The sorrows, the joys, the celebrations. I’ve tried really hard to stay connected and involved in the lives of people who are special to me – social media is the greatest for this – but still, you can’t help but miss important stuff.
On this journey of life, I have always believed it is the people you get to meet that stands out as one of life’s greatest privileges. They are definitely the family you choose. I also think I’ve had a better run than most in the magnificence of the people who have come into my life.
Time to celebrate friendships
This year has been a wonderful opportunity to honour some of those remarkable friendships. I’ve taken chances to jump on planes to other parts of the world, just so I can say: hi, I love you and will always be grateful you are in my life – thank you.
But there were two significant trips this year – a week in Marrakech and my 30-year High School reunion. I know, I don’t look that old….
Ahhh Marrakech
My trip to Marrakech was to celebrate two amazing ladies’ birthdays – Nathalie and Elsa. I met Nathalie when I worked in London, and along with Saskia, the three of us had too much fun together. We shared so much of our lives during our late 20s, including introducing each other to many more friends – one of which was the fabulous Elsa.
In July, we all gathered together at Nathalie’s incredible villa outside Marrakech, overlooking the Atlas mountains. We were there to celebrate both of their 45th birthdays, because they didn’t want to wait until their 50th – too right. Nathalie’s villa is stunningly beautiful, but I can’t sing its praises in July – my word, that 45-degree Celsius weather made this tropical living lady feel sick.
But it was awesome. Nathalie and Elsa, here we all are, honouring you two magnificent Dames. I hope it brings tears to your eyes. Please tell me how it makes you feel when you’ve watched it?
30 Year School Reunion
After this, I went to Australia in October, to celebrate my brother’s 50th – happy birthday Paul – and then to Albury/Wodonga, the cross-border towns of my youth – for my 30-year School Reunion. My best mate Dunny flew down from Bundaberg, and it was AWESOME seeing so many people from school days.
The girls in my year were hilarious – and none of us have changed at all
We had a magnificent year. Fun, free, silly and hilarious, and while everyone couldn’t be there, it was amazing celebrating with those who were. Sometimes it feels like no time goes by at all. We’re all just a bit craggier these days…
And Rags, I stole this picture from you – hope it’s OK? At this time, we are remembering those who have left us. Three so far. Let’s all make sure we’re still around for our 40 year reunion OK? But a new bar please! Bloody cranky bouncers at that one.
Remembering those who have left us
More travel to do
I have more reconnectingtravel to do – Boston is top of the pops. London too. Let’s face it, we are long overdue the opportunity for our boys to know their British roots!
But thank you to everyone around the world, for being my pals and seeming to be genuinely quite excited when I do show up. It really is appreciated and I love youse all. 
So, if you’re reading this, give your pals a big squeeze. Tell ‘em you love them. Honour who they are and what they bring to your life. Friendship is awesome. It’s what makes the world go around, don’t you think?
Yours, without the bollocks

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