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We are off to a great start in Phuket

Well it seems we’re off to a great start in our new home, if you ignore the fact I spent the first week close to tears (well in tears if I’m honest) every single day!
First day of school for Lex and Jax
It was a combination of complete exhaustion, being surrounded by blackened homes in our new villa (it turned out everyone was on holidays although some houses have remained blackened because they are holiday homes) and probably the strangest thing – our master bedroom is outside the house, which means there’s two locked doors between us and the boys.
I don’t know why that separationfrom the boys freaked me out so much, but it did. We can’t hear a single thing going on inside the house at night, and while I’m slowly adjusting to it, I’m definitely happy we have a dog. Nothing happens without Freddy knowing about it, and he has a very loud bark on him! My word he can frighten the shit out of you with that bark.  
Another challenge has been constant problems in the house. Many are typical – electrical, wifi, appliance issues, etc…., with the time to getting anything fixed a little longer than this feisty one is generally happy with. So I am trying to learn patience, because I’ve been in Asia long enough to know that being a grumpy bitch gets you nowhere fast, but another new reality is understanding that I need to slow down too. It’s not my usual gear, but moving at light speed doesn’t make any sense in our new life.
Honoring the water spirits for Loy Krathong
We’ve spent 10 days straight unpacking boxes and putting everything in the right place. I have to say, Steve and Vick were very VERY patient with me as I directed proceedings. I am one of those people who knows what I want and believe a house has got to make sense. I mean, knowing where stuff is, is the first step right? It’s not about control, it’s about no chaos. I can’t stand chaos.
However, when you spend 10 days unpacking, hunched over boxes and picking up heavy things, my oh my does your body start to hurt! I’ve only managed two massages so far in the masseuse paradise, but I know this will become a weekly affair. That is the goal. I’ve never been good at prioritizing me though. Neither has Steve ever been good at prioritizing Steve! After unpacking though, it was a priority, or I’d be facing excruciating muscle spasms…. Not fun.
We are 100 meters from a beautiful beach
Of course, the most important part of the move is the boys feeling happy. School is a massive part of that for them and I’m delighted to report – they LOVE their new school. Phew!
I was worried about Jax a lot. He was devastated to leave old friends and quite anxious to start somewhere new. He’s already picked two besties and had an awesome first week. Lex also had an incredible first week and do you know what they noticed? How wonderfully curious he is. Finally, someone appreciates that incredible quality. We are hoping for great things for the Lexster.
So there you go. Home is almost sorted (and the guest room close to being ready), a mega trampoline has been accidentally bought, we have sun lounges, the wifi is strong and works most of the time, Freddy is the happiest bloody dog in the world, and well, Steve and I are getting more comfortable with everything.
We’re a while off saying it’s the best decision we ever made, but at least now, it feels possible we could say that one day. I’d say that’s progress. Would you?
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