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Another move done…

Twelve months ago we moved into a massive 18+ room water front property, and this week we moved into a three room resort and it felt so brilliant having less space and the lack of responsibility that comes with it. We loved living in Noosa Waters in many ways, but in many other ways we learnt that this life isn’t for us –this community, this normality, this way of life. For all the money people have in this neighbourhood and the beautiful homes they build, there are a lot of miserable bastards round these parts.So Noosa Waters isn’t for us, but where do we go? Steve and I are finding it incredibly difficult to find a place that makes us go ahhhhh, this is it! A place where we can kick up our feet and enjoy the boys’ childhood. A place where we can invest in friendships and know we’ll be around for 20 years in the same house to enjoy them. We haven’t found that place yet but we are determined to keep looking until we do.

We seem to be going around and around in circles, trying to figure out where we want to live so that we can all be happy, challenged and satisfied with our lot, but to date, we have not found that place. Maybe we never will and if that’s the case, we just have to keep finding happiness with what life throws our way.

The problem is we are exhausted by moving. We moved into our last house 12 months ago and it took me two months to unpack. Before that we spent 2-3 weeks each in four different cities, two months in Phuket, some time in temporary accommodation in Singapore and prior to that we only had 12 months in the last place we lived. We think we’ve moved about 14 times in the last 18 months. We’re hoping that the next place will allow us to stop for a little while – four years would be nice! But in the meantime we’ve got at least three moves scheduled for the next month and we don’t travel light!

The great thing is Steve and I are in agreement that we aren’t ready for “normal.” We don’t want to buy a house, establish roots and stay somewhere for the next 20 years – yet, especially if it doesn’t “gel” with us. We might not ever want this – we just don’t know. Most people seem happy to stop and settle at some point in their lives, we just can’t seem to find that gene inside us.

So the journey continues, but one thing for sure, the body aches and pains of this last move have certainly been a kick in the arse, and the thing that will probably make us stop is age. When we can no longer “cope” with moving, maybe that’s when we’ll stop? But as we get older, we’ll have two extra helpers, as opposed to two little men unpacking everything we pack, thinking it’s all a wonderful adventure. Bless them! Thankfully our boys LOVE change. They are stoked to be moving on. Thank GOD!!

Yours, without the bollocks

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