Travel Plans for 2014… and Maybe Beyond

Driving home from Malacca in Malaysia this week – the final leg of two weeks of adventures, combined with some fun in Singapore – Steve and I got our thinking hats on to agree what’s next.

I need to have travel plans. It’s critical for my peace of mind. Small travel and big travel, I need plans with both in the mix. When I travel I feel the most alive, because wandering around this great planet is my bliss. While I appreciate that not everyone is as passionate about it as me, I’ve got to do it. It really lifts my soul like nothing else. 

And doing it with my three boys makes it even more special – especially my two little guys. They love this world too.

So we came up with a combined list (in no particular order):
  1. Top of the list – Burma – I refused to go while Aung San SuuKyi was under house arrest, so I’m keen to support it now. I can’t wait to see it’s wonders as it comes into its own
  2. Marrakesh – I’m overdue a visit with my dear friend Nathalix
  3. Japan to visit Willie – LONG overdue
  4. Phuket and Phi Phi – must take the boys to Phi Phi, where Steve and I celebrated our one year anniversary
  5. Rawa – a tiny beautiful island off Malaysia – must take the boys snorkeling and canoe around the Island with Steve
  6. Sri Lanka – must, must, must
  7. Russia/Siberia, but in the summer and keen to do the Trans-Siberian rail journey
  8. Mongolia
  9. Bhutan
  10. Borneo
  11. Denmark/Paris/Amsterdam – to visit three of my favorite ladies
  12. Norway for a flight over the ice to see polar bears. I’d also want to combine it with the Northern Lights – must see it once in my life
  13. Philippines to visit Aunty Vick – needs to be an annual expedition
  14. Siem Reap in Cambodia – think the boys are old enough now
  15. Iraq – must see the Gardens of Babylon and will be looking for Suddam Hussein’s graffiti
  16. Dollywood – have to see it in all of its glory – and plan to mix it in with a Southern States adventure, including a night or two on the town in New Orleans with Steve. We need to do that together!
  17. South America – a six month wander is on the cards
  18. An African adventure is due – with a safari in the mix
  19. Boston to see my old pals, and NYC + Miami to see more pals
  20. The Baltic States – I wanna see its Medieval grandeur
  21. Poland – ‘cos Rob and Margaret are there and I’d love to see them. Hoping to do it around Thanksgiving, because no one does Thanksgiving like those two
  22. Indonesia with the boys to climb a volcano – my geotechnical husband has never done this and he must
  23. Maldives
  24. Easter Island
  25. Sydney to play with my great mates
  26. Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh festival
  27. Montreal Jazz Fest
  28. Bora Bora (Steve’s choice)
  29. Disneyland is a must with the boys of course
  30. Iceland again and this time I will have a hot spa

I could go on and on and on…. But I’m thinking I might have too many things to do in one year – watcha reckon? Then again, I could come into a massive endowment which would allow me to just wander? But there is no endowment in sight for me, so I’ll just have to tick off the list one by one. Alone, with Steve, with the boys, and with great friends.

Lot’s to look forward to.

Who wants to join me on any of the trips? And yes Fiona I’ve got you down for Dollywood don’t you worry! When are we going?

Yours, without the bollocks


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