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All class
It’s our nine year wedding anniversary today – NINE YEARS! Wow it’s gone fast, but then we’ve packed a whole lot of living into that time, including the addition of two little loves. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride though. I don’t know how many times we’ve moved, but I do know at least four of those moves have been international. I don’t know how many countries we’ve been to either – probably in the 50 range – together and through the eyes of each other. We definitely like to keep things fresh.
But when I sit back and reflect on it, I think that marriage is a whole lot of putting up with each other – in the nicest possible way of course. 
We both have bad habits. We both annoy the shit out of each other. We’re both stubborn. We’re both strong. We’re both determined. We have different tastes – in music, food, arts and more. We’re really different people, yet that’s only something we worked out after we got married! And of course, we’ve gone through some incredibly intense times together – mainly around Lex having a pretty rough start in this life game. He’s awesome though, as we knew he would be – annoying too, as is Jax, but both awesome.
We did it!!
It’s been an amazing nine years, but the one thing I really want to say to you, Steve, is thank you.
Thank you for putting up with me.
Thank you for understanding that sometimes I just need to escape inside my own head (for days, weeks or even months sometimes) to work this life shite out.
Thank you for sticking beside me when I need to go on an emotional roller coaster ride – I know it’s not always pretty.
Thank you for understanding that sometimes when I present an idea it’s not really about getting your feedback, because it’s going to happen. You know me well.
Thank you for your patience as I try and shake some shackles I’ve picked up through life.
Thank you for being patient when I explore some ideas so beyond where you want to go in your thinking and yes, I do know you often think I’m bloody nuts.
Thank you for shutting the hell up (well most of the time) when I just need someone to ‘hear’ me. I know your maleness doesn’t find this easy, but it sure is appreciated.
Thank you for loving me when I’m such a massive pain in the arse even though you assure me I’m not.
But mainly, thanks for having the courage to love me in such a beautiful way. I am a very lucky girl.
Happy nine years my love. May the next nine be a little smoother though – oh pretty please universe.
Also, if you don’t have any plans on January 15th2015, it will be our 10 year anniversary. I reckon a party on Koh Samui (where we got married) might be in order? Who’s coming?
Yours, without the bollocks


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