Nice One Gwyneth AND Chris

Permit me to have a little rant please. So Gwyneth and Chris have taken a rather unusual approach in their public announcement of the “separation of their union.” Calling it conscious uncoupling, one would think they’ve just destroyed half the world and infected the rest of the children with some bloody hideous disease. SHIT people!

I mean the fact they even have to make some sort of announcement is bloody ridiculous, but of course, the world demands stars owe us explanations, and they gave us one – one I actually thought was rather sweet and charming, but I obviously don’t have too much company thinking that.

However there’s a couple of things that piss me off about the media frenzy. See below the announcement attributed to both Gwyneth AND Chris. Not just Gwyneth, both of them – see Chris’ name? – so why the hell does the world go balls out after the woman? Seriously, that’s the sort of shit that completely does my head in. When people decide to go their separate ways, there are two people involved, but anyone would think it’s just Gwyneth looking at the way the media have grabbed onto this little baby. I won’t even go into the rumor mill spewing out bollocks today….

Secondly, and this is what really pissed me off – I read this article in Slate today, written by a woman – and fuck me Jessica, but sorry, do you really think a comment by an old school mate i.e. “Even people who don’t know Gwyneth measure themselves against her success. … Gwyneth makes us feel extremely lame” is worth sharing? Old school pals are SUCH good references for the stars after all. But what the hell has Gwyneth done other than be completely gorgeous, talented, and well, just salt of the earth material? Seriously, she doesn’t deserve this shit. She’s hurting no one out there. All up, she seems like a pretty nice person. I don’t get it!

Yeah she’s a Hollywood superstar, but why the hell do we need to tear her down and rip her apart? Has she really done anything to deserve that, other than be female and succeed?

Anyway, I think this couple has done something pretty wonderful today. They’ve said we still love each other but have agreed it’s time to move on. I did that with a long term partner once. It still remains unusual to this day. Hatred is so much better isn’t it? That’s where Gwyneth AND Chris got it wrong! A lesbian fling Gwyneth – that would have been better – hello! Or one of you a heroin addict blowing all your money? Maybe domestic violence? Or even a religious nutter that one of you had to run away from? We seem to be able to accept that stuff, ‘cos then we have someone to feel sorry for.

Maybe, just maybe, your message to the world today won’t be a bad thing in the long term. Moving on – with love continuing – is not a bad thing to do. We don’t need to get to the point where we rip each other apart do we? So I say good on you. Nice work. You did something today that was nothing short of classy.

But Gwyneth, seriously, you must wonder what you have to do to get “it right.” Then again, you’ve been around long enough to know you never will. Sorry about that. I can only wish you and your family the very best. This divorce stuff ain’t easy for anyone.

Anyway my rant is over, but beware ONLY mentioning Gwyneth in my vicinity, because I might just bitch slap you!

Yours, without the bollocks


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