Lex is Growing Up… I Think

A couple of weeks ago, I started to notice some pretty significant changes in Lex. Not only has he gotten more responsible, he’s gotten more vulnerable. He’s needier than he’s ever been, clingy when we’re out and about, super affectionate (which is gorgeous), but mostly, he’s become a little bit scared of taking a risk. Now being fearful of taking a risk is saying something when it comes to Lex.

Lex is a go-er. Life has never scared him. He has always wanted to climb the highest structure, leap the tallest building, and scale the most challenging climbing apparatus. It’s a magnificence in him, and because we agreed early on to give him the space to pursue this need, it really has been remarkable seeing what he’s capable of. Equally, it’s also amazing to witness his incredible sense of what is and what is not possible. Many people don’t see this. They see a risk taker. We know him, and we see a carefully considered decision making process going on behind the mental scenes.

But recently, Lex has not wanted to hang off the escalator five stories up, because he appreciates that over the other side is certain death. He’s also had a few falls recently – tripping up on his scooter last night resulting in some deep elbow and knee gashes – ouch! You know, normal kid stuff. We’re wondering if this is making the difference – understanding pain?

Thus I must ask a question of my fellow parents – is this just a normal development phase? Perhaps a realization of the true risk some activities bring – i.e. death is suddenly possible and understood? I mean nothing big has happened to freak him out, so that’s why I’m asking. He’s also not talking about death any more than normal, so I don’t think that is it. So perhaps it’s just a sign of development and broader awareness of life?

I suppose one good thing for Steve and I is we haven’t gone to bed in recent weeks saying “no one died today, that’s good isn’t it? High five!” It’s certainly felt that way for most of this parenting journey.

Bloody kids I tell you, but it sure is lovely seeing Lex grow into a calmer, more considered little man. I hope he doesn’t lose his risk taking qualities though – while grey hair material, it’s certainly been awe inspiring watching him take life by the balls.

Any parents willing to share?

Yours, without the bollocks


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