Love as a Universal Concept

There’s a lot being written and talked about these days on the importance of us all loving one another, and accepting that we are not separate, but rather a whole mass of energy that makes up one whole. In relation to love, I think the message is a wonderful thing, but at the same time I find it confusing. It’s hard to take on board because it is a concept defined in a way that contradicts how we’ve been “taught” about love – as in something you do with those closest to you. I mean, how do you love someone you don’t even know? But for our world to evolve and become more magnificent, it seems that we have to love, and I’m happy to do that, because we need to bring down the societal, cultural and racial walls that continue to divide us. It is time.

Essentially I interpret this as good thoughts and deeds towards all – so it’s not hard right? Well it shouldn’t be for most…

Where did this come from? I’ve just finished reading Dr.Brian Weiss’Messages from the Masters” and he reminded me of the greater, universal concept of love once again. I read a couple of his books many years ago, which I found really wonderful and I have to say, I like the way he writes. I like his message because it’s a practical, honest and a not too airy-fairy take on some wonderful, life-changing concepts. Coming to fame with his past-life regression books (such as Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real), and experiencing a lot of negative shit for discussing this stuff, I think Brian Weiss is one of the good guys, contributing a lot to the world. For anyone else interested in this area, I can definitely recommend his work. The past life information alone is fascinating.

In “Messages from the Masters” he talks about the fact that there is only one religion in the world, and that is the Religion of Love. The idea appeals to me (even if religion doesn’t), especially when he maps the world’s religions side-by-side and compares philosophies. Suffice to say, all religion is saying the same thing, so why do we have Holy Wars? Because there certainly can’t be anything “holy” about war – right?  

So getting back to love. A little while ago I read an Anthony Robbins book and set myself the task of being happy every day for 10 days straight. I failed every time. I don’t know why it’s hard to maintain a state of happiness, but right now, at this time in my life, it is. I will continue to aim to be happy all day every day, but in the meantime I’ve decided on a new approach, and that is to exude love from every fibre of my being. As love is energy, I reckon the exuding of it is going to be great for me and I’m hoping it helps me manoeuvre through the days to a calmer, happier place. Obviously most of my exuding will be focused on my family – especially my boys when they drive me nuts, which happens on a regular basis. With that said, I wasn’t exuding too much love yesterday when the boys pissed off up the beach out of my sight and into a storm drain…. grrrrrrr.

Therefore, if you see me in the coming weeks and think I’m acting a bit weird, don’t worry, I’m just exuding. Anyone want to try it with me? All you have to do is think loving thoughts…

Yours, without the bollocks

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