Judgment Would be My Choice – Yours?

I recently commented on a LinkedIn conversation on ‘TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.’ The conversations are pretty interesting with this group if you’re interested. Anyways a member asked the question:

If you could stop all people from doing one thing what would it be? With the granting of a single wish, you can change mankind forever, what would you want to change, or is it best to leave it to evolution to decide for us?”

I would love to see all mankind stop judging. Stop judging those closest to us or even on a broader scale where we judge races, religions, societies or cultures. Judgment always feels wrong to me, because no one ever has the full picture on any situation and therefore, because of this, judgment can only be flawed. Unfortunately it seems to be something in all of us, and when I find myself judging anything, I try to correct myself and ask, why would I do that? And I know the answer – because I’m human.

So what is your ONE thing you’d like to change in humankind forever?

Yours, without the bollocks


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