I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the “Pandora” excitement

When we landed in Australia about 14 months ago, I kept hearing advertising for Pandora. I thought it was the name of a jewellery shop, but over time, came to understand it was a ‘new way to do jewellery.’

The other day I walked past a jewellery shop and had a look in the window at the Pandora selection and I finally got it. You buy the bracelet and then you spend a fortune on lots of little bits and pieces to fill said bracelet, and wallah, you have a new bracelet. But the best bit, of course, is you can spend even more money and have a different bracelet for everyday of the week. You can also use Pandora on necklaces and anything else it can be inserted onto – a nice cock ring perhaps?

I know that many people think this is ace and will enjoy putting their Pandora together, but I think it’s a croc of shit. If they got the advertising campaign sorted and focused in a way that talked about the tremendous creativity it offers or the beautiful individuality you can achieve with your jewellery – then I’d probably be a bit more supportive.

I’d also appreciate it if it was focused on young girls or teenagers – because that’s very much what young girls like to do – but it seems this trend is taking the world by storm and grown women are the target market.

As with any new fad, I see it as a way for us all to be clones, to follow rather than to lead, to waste money on bullshit and to spend time on irrelevance rather than focusing on the important things in life.

OK rant over, it’s just something that’s really gotten on my tits, and I know it’s not exclusive to Australia, it’s on its way to becoming a global phenomenon, but that just makes it worse in my eyes.

Come on girls, let’s focus on ruling the world, and we’re not going to do that if we allow our headspace to be distracted by bullshit.

Yours, without the bollocks

PS: I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m OK with that!

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  1. So I suppose I shouldn't tell you that when we were in Sedona (Arizona) while I was pregnant w/ little BL I bought 3 Pandora "baby" charms. Granted, yes, I was hormonal, but I somehow felt the trip – and the triumph – needed to be marked in a tangible fashion (vs just the heli ride over the Grand Canyon). I might never wear the cutsie pink bobbles but she'll always have them as a reminder that I was obsessed w/ her well before she ever appeared. lol
    – L3

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