Bloody kids… and the kindness of a stranger

I took over the mantle of being the parent present for Jax’s haircut yesterday – to date I have successfully avoided this responsibility to date. I had previously been off with Lex getting his eyes tested (they’re fine, phew) and during the 30 minute wait he had already endured, Steve was a sweaty mess. Apparently Jax had rampaged through the salon, smashing products at kid height, getting into the electrical cupboard, taking on the scissors… Steve doesn’t always find it easy dealing with the chaos around our boys in a public environment – bless. So he wrung his shirt out and headed off for some nice time with Lex.

In the meantime, it was Jax’s turn and from the second he was in the chair, he cried and cried and cried. The hairdresser was stuffing around a bit, but then I realised she was a little apprehensive about doing an upset little mans’ locks, so the job was handed over to a colleague. All the while I’m thinking I don’t care who fucken does it, just get it done.

The crying was going up in decibels and when the clippers touched Jax’s noggin, they went up even more. Opposite the salon is a cafe, and for the next 10 minutes, no one was able to enjoy the peaceful serenity of a nice brew or a pleasant conversation. Jax was howling down the house and there were real tears too.

By this point I knew there was nothing I could do, so I just laughed – it was pretty bloody funny. But then out of nowhere, this bloke walks up and gives Jax a Freddo (a chocolate frog). By the time I turned around to thank him, he was gone. How nice is the kindness of strangers sometimes? I can’t think of the last time I experienced that.

The chocolate didn’t help though, the crying just intensified, and there was now chocolate and snot everywhere – including down my pants.

But it was done. Unfortunately for Jax, he cannot carry long hair. His hair is too straight and his crown is slightly off centre, so he just looks really scruffy when his hair grows. I dearly hope he doesn’t have dreams of becoming a surfer dude one day, because he definitely won’t be able to carry the locks that come with it.

Ahh bloody kids I tell ya. He was lucky though – he got a new truck for his trauma and he looks extra handsome with short hair – shows off his big beautiful eyes. Hope I don’t have to do the next haircut though.

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. Poor Jax and you…I remember, this haircutting thing can be very traumatic. John never sat still so we have photos of him with a crooked fringe.
    The kindness of strangers is extra special. I once was $ 5 short for my visa at the Chinese consulate & this guy behind me just paid. He did not want to hear about paying him back.

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