Bloody kids

Bloody kids….. emotions were running high this morning

So Lex get’s less than 10 hours sleep (which is not unusual although he needs more) and then comes in and wakes up Jax, who has sidled into bed with me from about 3am (kicking the shit out of me all night), and surprise surprise, they’re both bloody tired, and so am I… not to mention grumpy!
It takes about two hours from wake up time to getting them out the door for pre-school, and most mornings it’s a lovely time, but this morning! Lordy lordy, emotions were off the shazam! I mean how dare I dress my three and a half year old in a cool denim shirt – anyone would think I was dressing him in a pink frock the way he was carrying on!
And when I mentioned to Lex that jumping on one of those big bouncy balls on the kitchen bench top was not a good idea, would he listen? Oh no. Unusually he fell off (he’s up there all the time) and I couldn’t believe it when he didn’t break his leg or his head. It was a close call.
Oh the tears flowed and here I was in the middle of Jax’s morning bog change! Trying to clean up a messy bog and cuddle a sobbing lad is a multi-taking exercise of impossible proportions for any woman.When emotions are running high at home in the morning, the drop off for pre-school is tough – they do not want their Mumma to go, and I’ve got to tell you, on mornings like this I just want to walk away and get a six hour break from them before I go insane.

I hope they get some sleep at school today and have my fingers and toes crossed that this afternoon and evening will be a lovely time. Sometimes it’s just so jaw achingly tough!!

Yours, without the bollocks

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