Bloody Hell, a Couple of Weeks!

I’ve got to get my ideas around relaxation sorted out a bit, or perhaps reconsider the whole work-life balance malarkey? 
Here’s a dash through two weeks. Two Monday’s ago I ran the event of my life. It officially started at 6pm on Monday, which meant a lot of running around from early morning until that point. Then Tuesday I was up at 5am running ‘til midnight, Wednesday 5am running til 11pm, Thursday I was running to get Lex some birthday presents because I didn’t have any time to shop before that, and then Friday I stopped running.

However, while no more running, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to take the boys to Universal Studios in Singapore to celebrate the Lexster’s overdue birthday and have some family time together after months of intensity. But I was not the only weary one. Steve got home at 7am on the Friday morning after flying back from Saudi Arabia, so he was completely shagged – the most tired I’ve ever seen him.

As such, Friday saw us lumbering around after two excited lads, followed by the whole of Saturday doing much of the same, and then we did all of it again Sunday, which meant a very weary family by the time we were done. I’m still not quite sure how we made it through.

While we obviously had no idea how we could even get through day one, we did, and actually had a great time together. I also loved seeing the experience of Universal through the boy’s eyes – kids are special.

Lex was up for anything and able to correctly asses his environment with a very mature “it’s not real” shrug of his seven year old shoulders. Jax, however, got VERY caught up in every moment, from forcing Lex to steer away from the poisonous snakes as the car meandered along permanent tracks, to having a chat with Bumblebee after we all saved the world in the Transformers 4D ride. Easily my favorite!

We enjoyed three jam packed days of action, and then we got home 5pm Sunday night, only to see me unpacking the suitcase, repacking the suitcase, having a slight frenzy over what to actually pack for Wintery weather in Northern climes, and then stumble into bed too late, only for the alarm to go off at 5.30am Monday morning, I groaned my way out of bed, only to jump aboard three planes to get myself to Seattle, and then this week I was required to be intelligent. Not easy.

Thankfully I gave a pretty big presentation – which saw me working until 3am one morning to get it sorted (ugh) but I think my intelligence was rated as OK? It went down well by all accounts, then I rushed around for meeting after meeting to ensure I was maximizing my time away, and here I sit, at last, in Seattle, ready to go home and see my three loves.

I reckon I’m going to take some time off over Christmas and have a proper break… although challenging with my mini-lads. But seriously, my life always seems to exist at two extremes, and I’m thinking perhaps a little more in the middle living could be useful for a while?

Then again, maybe not.

Anyone else live in the extremes?

Yours, without the bollocks

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