When Love Over Whats App Starts Becoming a Chore

When Steve first leaves on one of his extended business trips, there’s a lot of love going back and forth on Whats App. We’ve always been an over-communicating-kind-of-couple, keeping each other connected in our day-to-day lives when we’re apart… well it actually happens when we’re in the same city too. Steve drives that. For him it’s about respecting each other and being interested in each other’s lives. It’s one of his many lovely qualities that makes us stronger as a couple.
But as the weeks roll on (we’re finishing three weeks of travel right now) and you’re living the same chaotic life, just in different countries, the energy and enthusiasm in the communication department starts to wane. You just get to the point where you’ve had enough and want it over.
Early trip communication has lots of loving messages and then the day-to-day rolls in:
  • Early into trip – “I’m up, the boys are off to school counting down the sleeps ‘til you get home, I’m getting ready for work now, hope you have an amazing time tonight. Promise me you’ll enjoy yourself xxxx”
  • Middle of trip – “Chaos done for the morning, I’m getting ready for work, love you xxx”
  • End of trip – “Boys gone, me soon x”

Night time progression is along these lines
  • “Sleep well my love. Hope it’s been an amazing day for you. Can’t wait to speak tomorrow to hear all about your day xxxxxxxx”
  • “Good night sweetheart xxxx”
  • “Bed time x”

It starts to become a challenge of creativity. The longer Steve is away, the more mundane our messages become, because how many ways can you say the same thing? You work hard on trying to be unique in what you say, because it’s important to stay connected, but it does start to become a chore. It becomes tedious. It’s hard when it reaches that point, because you don’t want it to be tedious. It’s too important.
While this international travel might seem exotic and exciting to those who don’t have the opportunity to do it, it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It just makes life that little bit harder for the whole family. And I’m not even speaking of the mundane Steve faces on his adventures – packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, city to city, town to town, airport to airport, time zone to time zone.
In the meantime, Steve is having his final sleep in the US while I finish another weekend without him and that includes dealing with the boy’s emotions of missing their beloved dad. I don’t like it when he’s away for a long time, but the boys really reallydon’t like it. Jax in particular seems affected this time.
I know it’s good for him. Good for us. But right now, all I want to say to him is: can you just bloody come home now Steve? Hurry hurry.
We would miss it if we couldn’t do it though. We both know that.
Anyone relate?
Yours, without the bollocks

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