When Best Efforts Aren’t Enough

So in my month of “it’s all good, nothing is gunna bother me” we got some really bad news for us. Jax has to go in next week and have an operation on his teeth, because all of the big molars have compacted and bacteria has built up, which means cavities. BUMMER! The reason it’s an operation is because we don’t want him terrified of the dentist for the rest of his life, so the plan is to knock him out and get it done. Also, with the kid next door screaming “Mummy make it stop” while Steve was with Jax during his recent appointment, neither of us consider it a bad investment in his future.
However, I’m exceptionally bummed about this because I have been super anal about the boy’s diet since they were born, because I didn’t want them having the same dental issues I have. Soft drink and juices in a box – no bloody way. Candy/lollies/sweeties, go for your life at birthday parties, but otherwise no, and old aunties offering them sweets around town – piss off. Packaged food – not in their diet. Fast food – equally no way. Keeping them away from grandparents who want to spoil them by feeding them sweet crap – something else we’ve been able to achieve.
Their teeth are brushed twice a day and all in all, Steve and I have been completely aligned in this element of strictness. We’re relaxed about much with their behaviour, but not about their diet – especially at this time in their life when we can control it. Not to mention, bad food turns them into turds – annoying, erratic, hyperactive turds – so apart from giving them the best start in life, we’re also trying to give ourselves as much peace as possible.
The truth is, I don’t want them getting a taste for crap, and the longer we’ve been able to control input, it’s pretty amazing how much crap they don’t actually like. Lex, in particular, is great at self-control around food. He won’t even eat crappy chocolate – awesome.
Anyway, apparently the teeth issue is a genetic thing. The way his teeth have formed has meant it’s pretty much inevitable – which probably explains my early dental experiences and subsequent terrors – and all the while I thought it was my parents’ obsession with soft drink. The dentist said his teeth have obviously had excellent care and no, there really was nothing else we could do. It’s just one of those things.
So next Friday, I have to brace myself to – once again – hold my child while they put him to sleep, and then walk out watching him being laid out on the chopping block. The reality is, I have to do that bit and Steve knows it. I’m not going to enjoy it, expecting both Steve and I to be bloody messes, but that’s life huh?
While really bad news for us, it’s not even on the bad news spectrum of what many parents face with their kids, so we’re really grateful for our strong, healthy boys. Also on the bright side, we’re doing something that will save Jax’s teeth in the long run. A morning to get through – nothing more, although it’s going to be bloody hard keeping him away from all food and liquids that day.
Hang on a minute, there’s another benefit – he might be quiet for an hour or so… that’ll be something special, as well as taking him on his brave-boy-present shop. It’ll be well deserved.
Yours, without the bollocks

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