A Shambles Really

The night we got to be Glamberts
Best intentions are great huh? But the thing about having best intentions is not letting them get you down when you just can’t manage it in the whirlwind called life, and right now, my life is definitely a big bloody whirlwind – but in a good way… most of the time.

Coming into March with my “Fuck it Enough” crusade, I was determined to keep the focus of getting life on track in every way– but especially my Action goals. It didn’t happen in March… in fact, it got worse. Leaving home around 7.30am and getting home around 7.30pm every day, well, that doesn’t leave too much time for anything really. Butit’s got to be doneI must weave exercise into my life – and no, I won’t go during office hours because I just won’t. Obviously getting up earlier is a possibility, but that means goingto bed earlier, which isn’t easy. Then again, I can do that now, because I’m getting over my early morning sleep obsession right? OK maybe not a 100% achieved goal yet.  I do love my sleep.

However, this isn’t just about me – I would need to shift the sleeping habits of the whole family to achieve the getting to bed earlier so I can get up earlier goal – which wouldn’t be a bad thing – however if the boys were off to bed 30 minutes earlier, I don’t think I’d see them at all. What to do.

The month of March saw me wheat free about 95 percent of the time, except when I went to Australia, because how can you not have a toasted ham and cheese sandwich when in Australia? Well you just can’t. I also (obviously) didn’t integrate some sort of physical activity every day (apart from rushing to and from the office) but I did take my “Singapore Transport” photos most days – which was a nice addition to life. My Apriltheme is “Singapore’s Workers” and I’m talking about the folk who really sweat here. Sunday is the best day for this project, as it’s their off day and I love watching the boys and girls getting around town, enjoying their one day of freedom for the week. It can be very amusing.

I must say, doing a photography project has been awesome, because I do really love photography and it does force me to pay attention and be in the moment. It’s also been awesome to notice the stuff I’ve stopped looking at in Singapore. I will definitely keep it up.

Gratefulness has been a focus this month and while I got to write a few blogs about what I’m grateful for, I have so much more I want to do – so that’s an on-going project.
Waking up and immediately going into a happy place – or giving myself a happy pep talk as my first thought of the day – has been an interesting challenge. At the beginning of the month I found it easy to do and it completely changed my day. Towards the end of the month it got harder – firstly because I forgot to do it, then because I was absolutely exhausted with having Steve away for so much of the month. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’m not a single Mum – hats off to those girls. It is definitely something else I’m grateful for – sharing the journey of parenthood with Steve.
But April is a new month with a new thought focus. This month I am going to try and not bitch or moan about ANYTHING! Yeah a big one huh? I have absolutely no idea if I can do it, but I reckon it’s going to be great to respond to every shitty moment with an “it’s all good” because none of it really matters right? Just living, laughing and being happy is all that matters at the end of the day. That’s what we’re here for right?
So hormones included (as that usually guarantees a 24 hour period of bitch), I am going to do my best to be totally cool and contented this month. What I’m talking about here is a goal of not complaining about anything that anyone else does around me, nor am I going to moan about myself or my life. I’m not going to express frustration or dissatisfaction with others, I’m not going to bitch about anyone else (except if they fuck with my boys, then the gloves are off) and essentially, I’m not going to judge life – just be in it and flowing with it every day.
I was going to have a vegetarian month too, but we have a three week visit from my in-laws happening, so that’s just not going to work. Then again, with all of the massive changes I’m coping with right now, many of which are massive, I need to be realistic and just focus on all of the new patterns already established since the start of the year. Besides the thought goal I’ve got for this month is a HUGE thing to focus on, so I’ll be happy if I can just do that. I have to say it’s off to a good start already.
There you go, that’s me for April, anyone else working on changing actions or thoughts this month? Willing to share?
Yours, without the bollocks

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