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WHAT’S A MANBASSADOR? They are men with a particularly powerful attitude and a whole lot of integrity. But first, some context on what they stand for.

The #MeToo movement gave women an opportunity to express and share a negative part of the female experience. While not a pleasant issue, it has opened up a positive conversation, an enlightening and empowering one. It has made us look around and say: wait, it is time for us to say no, we no longer accept this behavior. It has been a time for all of us to grow—together.

#MeToo is not about hating men.

And it has inadvertently created a situation where some men, concerned that their behavior could be misinterpreted, have become overly cautious around women, especially in the workplace. This is not a good thing, if taken too far—when even something as straightforward as having lunch with a female colleague becomes fraught with uncertainty and unintended meaning.

The truth is, both sexes have power players and manipulators in their ranks. Our challenge, as men and women, is to make sure they don’t continue to drive the global conversation! They define our global societies and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of that. We can’t allow the minority to continue to define our lives.

The majority of men and women are great. Most men and women are reasonable. And most men and women know the difference between appropriate and completely inappropriate behavior.

The creep who targets vulnerable women is known by the observant people around him. It is not a secret. And this is not about trying to put up rules about the natural and comfortable chemistry between two people. It’s about uncomfortable behavior that disempowers one party.

Instead of pretending it’s not happening—as we have for too long— let’s bring this behavior to the surface, identify those power players and manipulators, call them out, and make sure they can’t keep perpetrating their abuse.

All the great men I’ve known and met throughout my life never feel so inadequate that they needed to dominate women in any way—especially sexually.

In his discussion of the 25 Characteristics of an Alpha Male, Chad Howse really nailed it:

“The alpha male doesn’t try to be an alpha male. That’s where so many fail. He is interested in life, in living. He’s fascinated by the world around him, in becoming the best man he can possibly become. He genuinely cares about people.”

That, to me, is what makes a man an alpha male. He’s a #manbassador.

The men who think domination is what it means to be a man are not alpha males. They’d struggle to be considered a beta male! A man who seeks to dominate, sexually harass women, encourage hatred of others, or create division in society . . . That’s not a man. The vast majority of humanity has evolved beyond those animalistic traits, but unfortunately, some men around the world haven’t moved forward with us. Those men should never be given a place of authority, especially not as leaders of our countries!

There are many great men who are supportive of women—who applaud them and see them as equals, capable colleagues and leaders.

A manbassador isn’t frightened of women or other men, because he doesn’t need to manipulate or put people down to feel powerful. These men are role models in business and in life. They are examples to other men of what it means to be a great man. A manbassador is comfortable in his own skin and comfortable in the role he takes on in his life—even if it is not a traditional male role. He steps in for boys and younger men lacking a role model of what it means to be a man today. He shows them how to respect themselves, others, and the world. Manbassadors are a beautiful gift in any community, an incredibly important and valuable member of society.

If you are a manbassador, speak up, show up, raise your voice, set the example, step in when needed to help raise the next generation of men, and let’s overcome the growing divide in today’s world.

Honor the manbassadors in your life. Help them understand the role they could play in having a bigger impact in the world. Let’s put the voice of manbassadors on a bigger platform. An example to look at is The Try Guys—I love them. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is also a personal favorite.

Those “pussy grabbing” macho males have been getting all the limelight, and we see how much damage that has done. Time to drown them out with the glorious voices of the manbassadors. Are you up for the task?

And fellas, what do you reckon, shall we stop allowing a minority to hijack us all? Join the conversation and help take it in a positive #WeToo direction. The world needs to move forward, united, with grace, love, and integrity at the center.



Readers interested in alpha male theory might also enjoy Tricia Christensen’s essay for WiseGeek, in which she puts this leadership idea in its zoological perspective.

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