Truffle Here, Truffle There, Truffle Every-Bloody-Where!

In the last six months, something has changed in Singapore. Everywhere you go truffles are on the menu. Not the whole truffle, just the flavoring, so when you want to order a simple little portion of French fries to soak up some booze or push the hunger pains away, you get truffle with that!
Can I tell you something? I BLOODY HATE TRUFFLES! I despise truffles. I hate the way it smells. I hate the way it tastes. I hate its texture. I just hate truffles. I couldn’t give two shits it’s worth more than gold by weight, nor could I give two shits that it’s considered haute cuisine outside of its traditional countries – i.e. France, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc…
It just tastes like shit to me, and now I can’t avoid it.
I’ll always remember Steve and I having our first date after Lex was born. Some friends invited us to an Australia Day gathering and it was an awesome night, all except the Michelin Star chef added truffles to EVERY dish – even the bloody ice cream. Steve looked over at me and gave me the look – he knew exactly what I’d think of that. Ugh! Thankfully the company was great, we had an awesome night, I ate around the truffles (not that you ever really can) and Steve was in his element because he loves all sorts of weird and wonderful food.
In Asia truffles are on the menu because people love luxuries in this part of the world. There’s a lot of money here and people like to spend it on the good stuff – with food front and center of that value chain. There is a reverence around food and family in Asia that is quite inspiring for me. Just check out your Asian friend’s Facebook posts – pictures of food right? It’s important. But here’s a little fact for my truffle eating friends. The truffle you are eating is not even truffle. Check out the Truffle Oil section on Wiki and you’ll see you’re eating artificially flavored truffle using a synthetic agent. So who’s posh now?
As you can tell, I just don’t like it, don’t like it at all, and now, every bar and restaurant I walk into is oozing with the smell of truffles. Even if I don’t order it, when someone at the next table orders a dish it just makes me want to vomit on their plate because I can SMELL it! I even ask for no truffles added, but a little bit always makes it in and I can ALWAYS taste it.
Life is not as bright with truffles in it I must say.
Anyone else notice this trend and struggling with the rancid stench of truffles? Or are you more aligned with my husband’s pleasure in eating this expensive fungi?
Yours, without the bollocks


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