Driving up my arse

Stop driving up my arse!

I do the speed limit, I always have and I don’t apologise for it. Driving is a chill out time for me, not a rushing-stressing-quicker-quicker-faster-faster thing, and I don’t care if I’m late. I see absolutely no point rushing anywhere because the reality is, gaining two minutes is not worth it to me.
Mainly because I’d prefer to be alive but, even more importantly, I want the option to be able to stop just that little bit faster if a kid or an animal runs out onto the road. But even more than that, I just enjoy the peace.So if you are an arse kissing driver, please can you just piss off and hang back? Give us speed limit junkies some space, ‘cos it makes me stress when someone’s up my arse and that is totally spoiling my vibe man!

Yours, without the bollocks

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