Nature is a Show Off!

Last night I was standing outside, watching the amazing storm that has been battering Noosa for the past few days and the most amazing thing happened. Right before my eyes, directly across the canal from me, this mini twister just appeared before me – it was a huge wall of spinning water. I was mesmerized and it took a few minutes to register what I was seeing.

It was probably about 10 metres wide and 15 metres tall and then it occurred to me that it was coming straight at me. I turned around and knocked on the window to get Steve, Elaine and Dylan’s attention (we were lucky to have our beautiful friends visiting), but no one was fast enough.

Steve emerged just as it slammed into this boat, which was directly in front of me, about three metres away. It made a huge noise and resulted in the boat’s roof being ripped off + a fair bit of damage on its side as it was slammed into the canal wall. Then it just dissipated.

Steve, Laine’s and Dyl said why didn’t you come inside? I didn’t know. It was so amazing and so spectacular, that on some level I knew it wouldn’t hurt me, and I just wanted to experience it.

It was exciting and terrifying and destructive and beautiful – it was something special. But equally, natural events like this aren’t exactly common to these parts… so it was mind blowing to catch this moment and I felt very lucky because I was the only one who saw it.

But it’s left me with a question. After a particularly enlightening weekend attending a metaphysical workshop, within an hour of coming home I am confronted with a freak of nature. I mean, this twister had five kilometres of canal to choose from, but it chose the small surface area we are currently residing on. So what is the message? What is the universe trying to tell me? Any thoughts?

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. The image I got was you just not being afraid, holding your space, and seeing the storm dissipate in front of you. That's a lesson for all of us about how energy works. If you had gone into fear it might have been different…

    I feel that's what the next few years are about. Knowing it's ok. Trusting. And yep… seeing the miracle of it and wanting to be part of that.

    lots of love goddess,

    Julie Ann

  2. Nice idea, Julie. And yeah, Edo, you've always been one for the most fearless people I know! It's no surprise that even a twister couldn't move you (in a physical way, not a metaphysical one!).

  3. I totally agree with the above comment – you are one of the most stalwart and fearless people I know – in every aspect of your life!! It was natures way of challenging you and you stood up to it in true Andrea style 🙂

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