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My View for the Next Six Weeks

I woke up yesterday morning to a view of the back of Steve’s head, watching the first game of the Rugby World Cup – Fiji Versus England. Thankfully England won, ‘which means I’ve got a happy hubby. They’ll be playing Australia soon and that will be an interesting match to watch together.

However, at that moment the photo was taken, I realized this is my view for the next six weeks. Since then, four more matches have been watched. Only one upset so far – but I can’t tell you who, because it will be a spoiler for those who haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I appreciate my husband’s need to stay off Facebook right now.

I could easily be a moaning, demanding bitch of course, because this stuff is going to consume our lives for the coming weeks, but I won’t, and the reasons:
  1. Steve is pretty un-demanding on the sports needs front. He has his sporting passions, but he’s very considerate and often watches games after we all go to bed, so it doesn’t impact family time. He’s a thoughtful guy – in many ways
  2. I don’t mind watching a bit of rugby myself. As far as the male form goes, rugby players have the type of body I find desirable, and even though I won’t watch every game, I am happy to view the scrum bums and thighs when I wander past the TV. It’s always been a spunk fest for me
  3. The haka – say no more. Love it! Ultimate in sex appeal
So I am happy to give Steve as much time as he needs – day or night – to watch his beloved rugby. My challenge now is resisting giving him a hard time about staying up late at night to watch games. He’s a grown boy and can do whatever the hell he wants. Although a moaning, tired husband is not a joy.

On another note, we took the boys to the Singapore Grand Prix Friday night – I know lucky kids. But the real news happened the next day. We got them home and in bed around 10pm, AND they didn’t come out of their room until 11am the next morning. That’s right, 11am! In the nine years since becoming a mother, that has never happened. Never ever ever.

We couldn’t believe it, but weirdly, both Steve and I were up at 9am. That doesn’t happen on weekends either. Have we hit that cross-over point where parents are awake before the kids? I think I want that, but boy they’ll be pains in the arse to wake up when the school holiday are over in two weeks…. We’ll deal with that when it comes.

Getting back to the rugby, did you see the end of the South Africa Vs Japan game? Mate, I was in tears. So exciting.

And with that, all I can say is Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! Go Wallabies.

Yours, without the bollocks

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