Memories of Kiss Chasey

My little Lex (seven) told me he was playing kiss chasey yesterday. I was absolutely delighted to hear it, because I have some very fond memories of kiss chasey myself. He told me this girl – with a big big big brother in a green shirt – was chasing him all around one of Singapore’s indoor playrooms and he kept hiding in a train. It sounded quite stressful for my little love, but equally, you could tell he loved it! I actually saw him kissing our friend’s daughter at his birthday party recently, so something has definitely shifted in our little man.
I was about five when my kissing adventures began. I remember to this day a dream boat, named Lars – who was a much older six – always targeting me for kisses. I have to be honest. I never tried too hard to run away…
Then up until about 12, when innocence still ruled supreme, my Dad used to drag us all over the country to do his various hobbies, often late into the evening. I remember dark nights in abandoned fields, with all of the kids running free of parental eyes or control, playing kiss chasey for hours on end. I also remember most of the other girls being VERY good hiders, often not being found until it was home time. I was surprisingly easy to find, because I didn’t mind the odd slathering kiss from the boys.
Once puberty kicks in it all becomes rather awkward, with everyone being aware of other potential assets at play, so the kiss chasing stops and you find yourself circling each other for the next few years until you work out exactly what it is you should be doing.
So yes, I’m delighted Lex has started playing kiss chasey, but when Jaxey starts, hang on to your hats! Although it’ll be when they’re teenagers we’ll be recommending our friends lock up their daughters.
Anyone else with lovely kiss chasey memories?
Yours, without the bollocks


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