Making Life Beautiful

We’re staying on the not-so-luxurious island of Bintan – one of Indonesia’s thousands of islands, about a 45 minute boat ride from Singapore – and while it’s nowhere near a dream holiday destination by any stretch of the imagination, it’s been nice to get away with the boys and stay by the beach for a few days.

One of the lovely things to do on any holiday is walking along the beach to collect the washed up shells and coral that abound – along with rusty cans, broken glass, discarded shoes and the plentiful blobs of tar that do not come off your clothes or shoes. I really wish we took better care of our environment, sigh…

Anyhoo, the boys have found these awesome shells and corals, which they want to take home. We’ll oblige with a few of course – ‘cos that’s the kind of parents we are – but every time I look at these things, it will occur to me I’m not one of those women (or men) capable of making things beautiful out of the very ordinary.
I do, of course, have friends who could take these shells home and make a masterpiece everyone would admire. Whether added as a sprinkling of decoration in the bottom of a vase, or a nice little feature in the guest bathroom, there are some people who just know how to make life more beautiful. These sorts of people are also (usually) really REALLY amazing and unique gift wrappers.
I’ve often been inspired by these people – mostly women but not always – and sometimes I’ll go home and give it a go myself, only to look at a festering pile of turd that garners more chuckles than admiration. Cake decorating skills is part of this talent-mix, as is gift wrapping. I am definitely a fan of the gift bag, or store wrapped of course, if the brand is of suitably high quality.

So I’m not one of these people that make life beautiful in that way, and that’s OK. I’ve always felt fortunate that so many people with this gift are in my life, and while I’ll continue to admire them, perhaps I’ve got a gift or two they admire in return? One thing I know, all talents are worth celebrating, and not having one is OK too, ‘cos it’d be boring if we were all the same.

In the meantime, the corals and shells we’ll be bringing home will be found in the bottom of a toy box, or smashed up in the garden, ‘cos that’s about all the potential they’ll have in our house. Perhaps one of the boys will develop a beautifying talent?

Anyone else relate to my limitations?

Yours, without the bollocks


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