International Swimmers Attire

I definitely appreciate the science and research that goes into swimsuit designs for our international swimming stars around the world. The advancements have resulted in seconds being taken off world records and one can only wonder what they’ll come up with next. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyhoo, while the science and research is impressive, how the girls look is not. The women’s suits are cut so deeply under their arms that if it was me in the suit there’d be tits hanging out all over the place! The other issue is the quality of the fabric really flattens the girls tits and make them look quite ugly. I think female swimmers have amazing physiques, but the suits do them no justice at all.

Moving onto the men – and they aren’t unattractive – but my friend Dylan mentioned how low cut the men’s swim suits were. You know what, he’s right. I didn’t notice because I was too busy ogling the bodies – and male swimmers really do have LOVELY bodies – but the pants are so low, it’s amazing their bait and tackle doesn’t flop over the top every time they dive into the pool!

I know some chicks would love that, but I have never found penis and co. particularly attractive to look at, however an odd stray dangler would certainly create a bit of additional entertainment in the pool. Maybe the designers could consider this in their next evolution? It’ll get the audience numbers up… maybe?

So it’s thumbs up for the boys and a big thumb down for the girls…

Yours, without the bollocks

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