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Getting prepared for a TED Talk one of these days

At some point, I will do a TED Talk about the journey we’ve been on with Lex. I believe it’s a really important message to get out there, because what I’ve witnessed has often been very disconcerting, upsetting, and to be frank – just bloody downright wrong!
While we’ve had access to incredible teachers and resources (mainly because we could afford to pay for it) I don’t think the “system” is working for all children and it’s certainly not letting kids like Lex evolve into all they can be. It has been the most brutal experience of my life, and I share this perspective broadly. It’s a global issue. 
If you know me, you’ll know this is something I’m extremely passionate about sharing, because we’ve got to change things. Equally, based on the hundreds of responses my blogs receive from parents all over the world, who are going through similar challenges to what we’ve faced, I believe that sharing this story is important. It might start a broader conversation, which is all I hope for.
But to get ready for a TED Talk you’ve got to have an amazing speech. And you’ve got to practise and practise, tweak it, refine it and refine it again. Let me tell you one thing –  just thinkingabout doing a TED Talk one day makes my palms sweat!
Nevertheless, I have started preparing and practising it. Not in the way I finally plan to deliver it, but it’s giving me confidence in the message I’m sharing, as I gain feedback from the audience after I speak. At this session I saw people laughing and crying when I spoke, and then afterwards, Stephanie Dickson told me she had Goosebumps three times – I reckon that’s pretty cool.
Before I show you the speech, I absolutely must acknowledge Brenda Bence in all of this. I had the privilege of being mentored by Brenda late last year and early this year as part of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore mentoring program. When I first presented my ideas and ramblings, Brenda quickly got me into line and focused. I will always value that time we had together. I use the tips she taught me every time I get on stage now and Brenda is an incredible person. Thank you Brenda! Such a blessing in my life.
This isn’t the first version of this speech, it’s the second. I was far too nervous first time around and the style here is more me – relaxed – as you’ll see.
Thank you Stephanie Dickson and the incredible team at for inviting me to be part of your one-year anniversary celebrations. You are doing such amazing work. Also a great job by Craftsmenon filming and The Working Capitol is a superb venue.
If you know me, you’ll know that the sharing of this video would normally happen after I put hot pins in my eyes. I see every failing and hear every fault. I always have. But I’ve been living on the hairy edge outside of my comfort zone for a couple of years now, so why stop…. I can’t change the world if I hide.
If you take the time to watch it, I would love to know what you think? Well I think I would… This is all very close to my heart.
Yours, without the bollocks
BTW I’m on Twitter here, Google+ here, Instagram here, and Facebook too, if you’re interested in the other stuff I share. Feel free to share my blog if you think anyone you know will be interested or entertained. I sure do appreciate it when you do xxxxx

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