A sore vagina surely?

I caught a bit of the women’s gymnastics last night – it’s pretty amazing stuff to watch and I’ve got to say, the gymnast body has changed a lot. Definitely more muscular yet still petite, but there were even a few chubby ones in the mix – almost bizarre to see.

Anyways, a pretty girl from Singapore was doing the beam. The beam had been a disaster all night with most falling off, and this girl was no exception. BUT the thing that got my attention was a summersault in the air resulting in a heavy landing right on her snatch.

My first reaction was OUCH! That is going to leave a big bruise on her labia for sure, but then I wondered if I was mistaken. There wasn’t a single utterance from the female commentator or the crowd. It certainly deserved a universal “ouch” at a minimum.

I mean if it was one of the blokes, I know the male commentator would have said “bloody hell, that’s gotta hurt,” while every man in the audience would be groaning with tears in their eyes.

But nothing at all, so maybe I was mistaken and it’s a genuine beam move? But who’d want to do gymnastics if that was required on a regular basis?

Then my learning’s from “The Vagina Monologues” came to mind – us chics just don’t talk about anything to do with our flanges and while I’m grateful every female I come across doesn’t need to regale me with the state of her vag, I do think we should be able to say “bloody ouch” when a girl slams hers on a beam.

That’s just me – crazy!!

Yours, without the bollocks

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  1. Love your work baby – my clever, funny, witty and intelligent wife. I mean who else could possibly link gymnastics to the Vagina Monologues…..The world awaits your next installment with excitment and anticipation
    S xxxx

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