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A Lifetime of Cravings for an Amazing Chicken Curry

Have you ever had a chicken curry that’s so good, you’ll spend the next 10 years ordering it at restaurants just hoping to get that same sensation again? No? Then don’t read this.
Yes, read on.



We were in Bali over Chinese New Year and one night we ordered a take-away curry from this restaurant (I believe) called Warung Little India. Unfortunately, there were six adults and only one serving of the chicken curry left, but man oh man that tiny amount of curry was a mouth-watering delight. The rest of the food was amazing as well, but the chicken curry – to die for.


Put it on your list if you’re planning a trip to Ubud. The whole town is full of amazing restaurants I tell ya, but the Indian should not be missed.


The incredible, mouth-watering experience that comes with a world-class curry is something I hope for every time I order this delicious dish. I don’t know what the combination is that gets it so right, but the rarity of the experience leaves me always living in hope I can find it just one more time.


Living in Asia, I get a much greater opportunity to find the delectable dish, but unfortunately, with so much MSGin the food around these parts, it’s hard for me to risk it locally. That’s a complete bummer, but the headache I get, as well as other symptoms, just doesn’t make it worth it.


One place I have found for curry in Singapore is the Polo Club. They do an awesome chicken curry with roti bread. If you’ve never had a curry with roti, can I just tell you to change your life instantly and have it? Amazing.


Of course you can always get a great butter chicken in Singapore. What a delight when Vantaseopened up at the condo down the road! We are spoilt for choice with Indian restaurants in this city and I’ve got to tell you, Singapore does the BEST Indian food in the world. Don’t agree? I don’t care. I know it’s true.


My favorite favorite curry in town will always be Colombosdown on Boat Quay. It’s Sri Lankan food and I want to visit that country so bad, I can’t tell you. If you’ve visited me in Singapore and I didn’t take you to Colombos. My apologies. Come back and I promise you we’ll do it. The food, the view, the service. Love it.


Back to day dreaming about my ideal chicken curry… I wish I could have it for dinner tonight… But it’s not on the menu.


Although, my friend Rachel (an amazing cook) made me dinner recently and do you know what was on the menu? Beetroot Curry. Beetroot I know. Steve would’ve died (he cannot understand the Australian obsession with beetroot) but let me tell you something – it was bloody amazing! Thanks babe.


Most importantly about Rachel’s curry is that the sauce she made is exactly the sauce I crave for in a chicken curry, but success is more than that. The quality of the chicken is a critical part of a curry’s success. If you get that wrong, by drying the chicken out or only doing white meat… well it’s a fail.


Ahhhh chicken curry, how I love thee. I just wish I knew your magic ingredients. The only two I know that are essential are curry leaves and lime leaves. Beyond that, I have no idea. So I keep looking and hoping.


As my mouth waters for a chicken curry I want you to do me a favor:

  1. Send me your perfect recipe
  2. Tell me where I can get an amazing chicken curry in Singapore that has no MSG
  3. If I visit you, take me to the place where you have the bestest chicken curry in the world



Is chicken curry your thing, or do you have another foodie quest that keeps you living in hope?


Yours, without the bollocks


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