8 Years Married WOW

Eight years ago today I married the love of my life on the gorgeous Island of Koh Samui in Thailand. It was an awesome wedding – it went on for 10 days – and we both still take enormous pleasure in the fantastic time everyone seemed to have. It was a wedding bonanza and we love it when friends continue to laugh at all of the funny and crazy things that happened over those 10 days. It was very special (and funny) time, and a great memory that still makes me smile.

On that awesome day eight years ago, I had the great privilege of marrying my true love – someone I had waited very patiently for over many many years. It was hard to keep believing I’d find him one day, but at the grand old age of 33 (for both of us) he finally decided to bloody show up, and it’s been one hell of a ride since (here’s the story of how we met). The first two years were pure love with us both only wanting to be with each other. The next couple of years saw two little men come into our lives which shook things up a fair bit. And the last four years have been challenging at every level of our life, but the love remains. I can say without hesitation that it hasn’t been boring.

I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else. Steve hastaught me so much about love. He treats me like an Empress and is 100 per cent focused on making sure that I achieve all of my dreams and he does this with nothing but pure love in his heart. He understands what drives me and wants to see me achieve everything I set my heart on – suffice to say, shit I’m lucky.

I know I am his everything, and it is so special being married to someone courageous enough to love me like this, and I value his beautiful qualities every single day. I definitely feel like a very fortunate finding a man like him – he’s my Rob Roy – strong and gentle at the same time.

So here were are, eight years in, on the roller coaster of life, and the future is looking really bright after some pretty big bumps. Who knows where we’re going next, but we’re going to do it with a skip in our step and a smile on our faces, because we both want to be old farts together, and often picture ourselves walking down the beach hand in hand when we are.

One thing I know from experience, if you’re looking for love, wait until you find the person who loves you just as you are, because that’s when the real magic happens.

Big love to you my gorgeous husband and happy anniversary – you get less for murder.

Yours, without the bollocks
More photos… and apologies as it gets ugly…
We arrived on an elephant

Things were still civil – Saskia, Nathalie and Emile

My niece Elspeth met her first Trannie – the entertainment was a Transvestite Caberet

 Andy met Tina Turner

 Tomski had passed out on the beach much earlier, and this is how he was woken up

 Debauch and Dunny – Dunny was getting pretty messy by this stage

 The Congo is a must

 The Great Jen and Debauch

 Steve giving Thomski a pep talk – he missed his speech while passed out

 Anna, Lee Ann and Jen – the photographer

 Emile presenting his underpants – an old party trick


 Why do men feel the need?

The team that made it ’til dawn, except Kurt, who passed out at the beginning and returned at dawn (apologies Siobhan but you did good girl!)

 Nice one love – that was a good party

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