When Life Gets a Bit Glum, I Read

The last few weeks have been pretty shabby, for a lot of reasons, so when I’m feeling low I read and there are a couple of authors I like, because they help me to refocus and get back into the optimistic mindset I always prefer to have out of choice. Sometimes it’s not easy to achieve, sometimes it feels impossible, but I’m pretty determined to always try and get there.  I just think it’s a much nicer place to be.

Anyways, one of the authors I enjoy reading is Neale Donald Walsch. He’s written a lot of stuff that has turned my thinking upside down, and he’s made me reconsider the God equation – but in a completely different way to what I was raised with. Don’t worry, I’m not getting back into religion – I’m just constantly pondering what the Universe is all about, never expecting to know, but interested to uncover what I can anyway. And Walsch is one of the few authors in this field who challenges my thinking and puts a spin on God I’ve never considered before. Famous for “Conversations with God,” he has also written a lot of other stuff, and to help shift my thinking this last week I read “When God Steps in, Miracles Happen” – a book I enjoyed a couple of months ago – and there was a passage that really caught my attention this time.

“Do we really have all the answers about God? Do we really know who God is, and what God wants, and how God wants it? And are we really sure enough about all of this to kill people who do not agree with us? (And then to say that God has condemned them to everlasting damnation?)

“Is it possible, just possible, that there is something we don’t know about all this, the knowing of which could change everything?”

I just thought this was a really eloquent way of putting this question to all of us, because one thing I absolutely know for sure – and I don’t know much for sure – is that we sure don’t seem to know too much in the big BIG scheme of things.

And with that, I am awaiting a miracle – hurry up and happen already!

Yours, without the bollocks


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