Wheat We’re Done… Mostly

In January I went wheat free 99 per cent of the time, and then Feb and March I was very good. Throughout those three months I lost a bit of weight (yay), but more importantly, I felt great – energized. Then in April and May I slipped back into old habits, which weren’t helped with business trips to London and the US. Obviously my discipline wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptations, and equally, it’s just so bloody hard to avoid wheat in Western culinary culture while on the road! I could’ve though, so my bad.

The moment it all came to a head was when I was packing for the US and I noticed my clothes were just a little snugger, which made me realize the results of the first three months had evaporated in less than six weeks. I have to admit it was a little depressing, but as I no longer beat myself up over stuff (‘cos that’s how you cripple yourself from action), I decided screw this, do the trip to the US, eat what you want, but when you’re home, get back to mostly wheat free.

So I have been a good girl since returning, although I do find it very challenging, but I want to do this because I know wheat is not great for me. It bulks me up and slows me down, so whenever possible, no wheat. However, there were two symptoms I noticed immediately after bringing it back into my life that are worth more to me than bulk. The worst bit is I barely noticed these symptoms after a few weeks, because you just get used to it again. I don’t want to get used to it.

When I re-introduced it I felt tired and sluggish all of the time. I felt exhausted and un-energized. This is one of the main traits I want to get out of my life, and I honestly believe from my experiment that wheat is part of the problem. It makes me feel heavy and dense – a feeling I noticed I didn’t have when I didn’t eat it.

The second thing is it makes my joints ache – something you don’t want happening as you get older. When I started having it again, I would stand up and feel pain in my joints – especially if I’d been sitting down for most of the day. In the last couple of weeks taking wheat out again, my joints don’t hurt. This is obviously not a scientific experiment, but I can tell the difference in myself.

So wheat, I love you, I crave a good toasted sandwich, or poached eggs with ham, but I can’t do it anymore. We’ll have a day together a week, but otherwise, you’ve got to go, ‘cos I want to feel great, and I don’t think you help me to do that.

A few other pals were doing wheat reduction, so have you noticed any difference when you have it and don’t have it? I’d love to know?

Yours, without the bollocks

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