What is it with the Bloody Kardashians?

I know, I’m a day behind the news, but you know I do have far more important things to be spending my time on than the sheer bollocks of other people’s lives – especially the “K” sisters. The other thing is I just cannot get my head (and therefore my thoughts) around these women, nor understand why anyone bloody cares? I mean every now and again I allow myself to watch reality TV. Ozzy and family was pretty quirky, the Apprentice is great, as is Idol and X Factor, but a bunch of women, sitting around talking shite while bleaching their anuses? I just DON’T get it.

Voyeurism and celebrity is a mainstay in our lives – I enjoy it, we all enjoy it – and some celebrities are actually doing phenomenal things in the world, or better yet, STAYING QUIET – which is usually my preference. But these girls??? Can someone PLEASE tell me what all the fuss is about? Is it because they’re so bad everyone loves them? Is it the ability to get a bird’s eye view into a glamorous and unreachable world? Is it their looks? Is it the “Days of our Livesness” of their lives that people can’t get enough of? Is it the migrant success story? What is it?

Or has the intellectual level of the world reached such a low point – because we’re all eating too many preservatives, additives and genetically modified food – and because of this, we’ve all been stupefied enough to actually find these women interesting? Is that it?

I am confused, bewildered, and not even mildly entertained by the life and times of these sisters. And yet they earn $70 million a year for this bollocks? I mean who gets $25K from Armani for one Tweet? And more importantly, does Armani see these girls as good brand ambassadors? All I know is I obviously chose the wrong profession.

I don’t know, I really don’t and I’d be very happy to have my mind changed, or my view redirected, but so far, I just find them bloody ridiculous. Can anyone help me look at these ladies in another way? Because I have to say, the obsession for them does take away a little bit of my hope in humanity.

It’s important that I’m clear on something here. I don’t hold anything against these sisters for doing what they’re doing or how they’re making money – good on them. I just don’t understand why they are successful, nor do I see them as positive role models for women or Americans.

Looking for clarity…. and expecting to be looking for a long time, but do me a favour and write down the first three words that spring to mind in the comment box below when thinking about the Kardashians? That should be interesting.

Yours, without the bollocks


PS: Kim, do yourself a big bloody favour and donate $10 million to a great and worthy cause – maybe you’ll help your credibility a little… But then maybe you don’t give a crap, and if so, fair enough.

PPS: here’s a good article by Alissa Warren from Australia, posted on Mamamiatoday – but I still don’t understand….

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