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We are in the ‘Plague Phase’ for humanity

This article – Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People – is a great read and simply explains our predicament. Published in 2019, I think the doubters back then might finally realize what was being said at the time is not only true, but coming at us much faster than anyone expected, because everything I’m reading and listening to is: “much sooner than expected, much faster than expected’ and it’s all pointing to calamity.

Go back four years into climate and social justice reporting at my blog here.

We are in the Plague Phase and while no one will appreciate knowing that the plague is us – humanity – it is true, unfortunately. We are in overshoot and when species are in overshoot, nature sorts it out. We can’t control that. We can minimize it (if there is time) by actively and collectively bringing our overshoot back in balance with the natural world. Really think about what that means.

Here’s an important read on overshoot – Overshoot: Why It’s Already Too Late To Save Civilization

I liked this comment, when challenged that we’ll sort it out because we’re smart: what is the evidence so far that our leaders even recognize the problem? Yep, they do not, although I’m feeling that tide turning, but now it’s a job so huge, so urgent, they don’t even know where to start. Equally the businesses that got us here are lobbying for its solutions to be in the lead, and yet, there is no proof it will even work! Remember “Don’t Look Up”? That’s the equivalent of carbon capture tech right now, and hydrogen, plus many other false solutions.

When it comes to the multiple planetary crisis’ we face, there is such a dissonance on the topic. Many don’t want to listen – it’s too frightening, ugly, hopeless. BUT our kids are facing it and they are terrified, with mental health issues off the charts. Surely, it’s on us adults to listen AND act, so our kids can go to school in peace and believe a future is possible?

By ignoring it or shutting out reality, all we are doing is guaranteeing worse outcomes, that will keep getting worse, until it’s too late to change anything. It might already be too late, but boy, I’m not going to stop fighting for it, because I want a live-able future for my kids, and the billions of people living in parts of the world that are going to get hammered. Don’t you want that too?

What this time requires is all of us to stand up, speak up and do whatever we can, wherever we are, to regenerate our lands, water, air, and more, to get our biodiversity going up rather than down. We need to reduce our lifestyles in every way possible, clean up the mess we’ve made, and vote for (and support) leaders who are capable of leading through these times.

We need governments and businesses changing the entire system that got us to this point, and we need to accept what that means to us too! If we keep electing strong men, a dystopian reality will be on our collective doorsteps.  

Community is our path forward, get yours together and please, let’s do something, let’s do everything, because time really is running out.

Some important reads

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