The Magic of Love at First Sight

Sunrise the morning after we were married in 2005

Nine years ago today, I was sitting on my couch, having a drink with a new female friend and we were trying to work out where to go that evening. Both in our 30s, single and neither of us believing it was possible to meet anyone in Singapore, she suggested BQ Bar on Boat Quay, because apparently, it was a good place for single blokes in Singapore that might be interested in the likes of us. I was sceptical, but figured why not, let’s give it a shot?

We jumped out of the taxi around the corner, still very sober, and as I was walking up to the bar, I felt this overwhelming feeling of euphoria come over me – it was delicious. As such, when I swung open the double doors I had a HUGE smile on my face and immediately locked eyes with Steve. Shit. I was completely flustered, I didn’t know where to look, and so did the only thing I could think of and went up to the bar and ordered drinks – cosmopolitans of course, because we wanted to have a cracking evening.

Steve’s friend then started talking to me, and my friend started talking to Steve, all the while, both of us were looking at each other. It was magical and exciting. In the meantime, the barman was struggling with the cocktail shaker and couldn’t get it open. I said give it to me ‘cos I’ve always been a strong girl, but I couldn’t open it. I then turned to Steve, thrust it at him, and said you’re strong (his big rugby playing shoulders were the second thing I noticed after his eyes – yum!!) BUT Steve couldn’t open it either. With embarrassment he conceded defeat and we somehow managed to get our drinks.

As I pulled out my lovely Chanel wallet to pay, Steve said: “is that a fake?”

Being charming, I said: “Get fucked! Do I look like the kind of girl to have a fake wallet?”

Sweet talk has always been my middle name, and probably why I was single for so long!

Then Steve and I started talking, and I offered to buy him a cosmopolitan (he was very impressed with my offer to pay as women didn’t buy drinks, apparently) – although he exclaimed “I’m not drinking a pink drink.” I looked at him and said trust me babe – a cosmo will blow your mind. He took on the challenge, eventually the whole bar took on the challenge, and then somehow the empty bar was jam packed, all held pink drinks aloft, and it felt like every person in there was elevated by the energy that existed between us. It was – quite simply – rocking. People were on the bar, under the bar and over the bar – dancing, laughing and having a great time.

But we were having the best time of all and nine years down the track, that magical night stays with me still. I definitely believe in love at first sight because I experienced it first hand and wish that everyone had a moment like that to remember.

Yours, without the bollocks


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  1. Vivid, love it A. With Mrs G and I it was love at 100th sight. We'd been knocking around for a few years and one night it became "Oh, right, it's YOU!". We were "officially going out for only about 6 weeks before we were engaged, and we were married less than a year after that. Once we were on the same track we just knew.

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