The American Idol Blues will now Kick in

Well it’s over for another year and what a cracking year it’s been. As always, my favourites went out early, but at least Haley made it through to number three. That’s democracy in action for you, and while many talk conspiracies, I think it’s more about the diversity of the viewing public. For example the opinion of a 50+ year old American mid-Western Mum, versus a 15 year old boy living in the country, versus a 23 year old city-living-socialite are always gunna bring mixed results. But this year, the standards were so incredibly high, and the diversity of performers (and guests) made it a fantastic show every week – no matter who got voted out. For those who have given up watching it from past-season disappointments, I seriously recommend getting back into it again.

The finale was awesome, and you’ll be pleased to know Lady Gaga is in my good books. She’s pushing all the boundaries and I love having people like her in the world. I reckon we get too wrapped up in “rules” about what is and isn’t appropriate and people like her are saying, who says your way is the right way? Being made to think is very cool by me.

Some feedback for the producers (‘cos they’re definitely going to read this)
  • Every results show needs to feature an American Idol alumni – I wanna see Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, and Adam Lambert (more than once,) as well as all of the other great kids that have been on this show. I appreciate that performers are lining up to get gigs on this global stage, but it is the alumni that will really make the show special
  • Jimmy Levine did an awesome job and I have no doubt the quality of the performances this year was mostly down to the work he did. Additionally, as the show progressed, he got better and more humane, so he grew on me. But get the stars back to do the mentoring as well – it added some pizzazz

So no more Idol to look forward to, which is a shame, but maybe I can start swimming those two nights a week instead? It’s really been a blast, and if we thought the show couldn’t go on after Simon Cowell, well they’ve definitely proved it can. It was the nicer, gentler approach of the judges that really hit the spot for me this year, and probably meant better talent was found.

Right, that’s it – I suppose I’ve got the World Cup Rugby to look forward to – all those lovely big men with meaty thighs to perv at?

Yours, without the bollocks


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