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Jason and Sarah
Right now, at this very moment, an old friend from my brass banding days is having surgery to get a liver transplant. He’s been waiting for weeks on news that a match is available, suffering health trials and being rushed into hospital along the way, as well as turning 40 in the mix. Both Jason and his wife, Sarah, have been amazing throughout – hopeful, cheeky and optimistic. Sarah has been sensational keeping everyone updated on what’s going on and after getting the much-awaited call this morning, he’s in surgery and I have everything crossed that I CAN cross it will be successful and that he enjoys a swift and speedy recovery.

Naturally, when someone goes through something like this, it makes you think. During the last few months I’ve been a bit of a miserable cow. Things just don’t seem to want to go my way, and while I don’t think my stresses are irrelevant in any way, shape or form, it has been quite sobering watching the Mears family go through a TRULY difficult time.

Jas is a sweetheart and he’s always been that way. A softly spoken, gentle guy, his whole family made a big impact on my life as a teenager. To hear that someone from that period in my youth is going through such a BIG health crisis is extremely sobering and has made me reflect more closely on my own life.

Sure things haven’t been flowing, but they will. Blocked periods in life happen sometimes, but you’ve got to show great character and get through them – becoming a greater person out the other side. We’re almost there, and while we’ll feel a massive sense of relief when it comes, we’ll have grown in really important ways – hopefully for the better. Personal growth is what life’s about after all, as well as celebrating good health while you’ve got it.

So Jason my darling, you might smile when you hear I’ve referred to you as a sweetheart, but that’s what you’ve always been to me. Your brother, not so much J. I just hope the surgery goes perfectly, so you can get onto the road of full recovery and enjoy life to the max again. Your experience, while SHIT, has been a great teacher for me – so I want to say thank you for that.

Just know a lot of people are thinking about you right now, and one thing I’ve learnt through your trial is this – you’re lucky to have that amazing woman by your side!

If anyone has some spare love, positive vibes, etc… to send Jason’s way, I’m sure he’d appreciate them right now. Also sign the organ donor form on your licence – people like Jason are waiting patiently…

Big big kisses and love to both of you


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