Saudi Women can’t even be Check out Chicks!

I don’t like to get too opinionated about the rules of other nations in regards to women, because we can never truly understand the culture they live in and therefore, our standards can hardly be applied, but I thought this was a little interesting.

In order that women don’t engage with “unrelated men,” the Kingdom’s Governing Body of Clerics has issued a Fatwa against women working as check out chicks. This is a country where women are at almost 30 per cent unemployment and a country with a future post-oil that is looking bleak.

I like this statement “It is necessary to keep away from places where men congregate. Women should look for decent work that does not make it possible for them to attract men or be attracted by men.” Maybe they can all join a convent?

I’m so glad I wasn’t born in a place like this and my heart goes out to any woman trying to have more freedom. Keep up the fight girls. Us girls in the West have kind of made it after years of heartache – although we’ve still got a lot to do.

Yours, without the bollocks

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