Oh Shirley Valentine

Steve was out the other night and I decided a chick flick was in order, so bring on “ShirleyValentine.” I saw this movie when it first came out back in 1989 and I will always remember it because it made me cry – A LOT! It also made me vow to never EVER be a housewife, nor would I live with regrets, and I was going to live life hard. The weird thing about watching it this time is I am now 42, which is the age of Shirley in the film. Crikey when did that happen? And in the film she reckons that’s middle aged – I don’t feel middle aged – am I middle aged?

In one scene Shirley asks: “Why do we get all this life if we don’t live it? She then goes on to say: “I’ve allowed myself to live this little life, and now it’s all un-used and never will be. Why do we get all these feelings and dreams and hopes if we don’t ever use them? Shirley Valentine, she got lost in all this unused life…” I reckon I’ve “used” my life well to date (with only a very tiny chapter as a house wife, which I hated), and while it hasn’t always been an easy journey, I can say it’s been well lived and I plan to keep on living it until the end.

I always find this movie a great reminder on living and loving life, in whatever way makes you happy. It was also a really good reminder for me as life has been a bit grim on a couple of fronts of late. But I know that it’s about how I get up and make life happen for me and my family every day, because no matter what, this too shall pass right? That’s a phrase I’ve used a lot in recent years (thanks to my great friends Reema and Gautam) but it is so true. Whatever situation I am in, or you are in, if it’s shit, it’ll pass and then you’ll be onto the next phase or opportunity or challenge. I just work hard to make sure that my attitude is as positive as it can be, because it makes everything better. I can’t be positive all the time though, and when that happens, I just hope it passes quickly, because being a miserable cow is not my style at all.

On a final note, Costas, the Greek dude she shags (“he kissed my stretch marks!”) probably has one of the best lines in the film. After moving Shirley’s table and chair to the beach to make one of her dreams come true, and she realises it’s not as good as she hoped it would be, he says “dreams are never in the place you expect them to be.” So true, so so true.

Anyways, a great story, a great film, an inspiring message, and a story about it never being too late to get unstuck from a life that makes you unhappy. Feelings and dreams and hopes should definitely be pursued with vigour, even when success feels impossible – I reckon anyway.

What do you think? Have you seen it? Or any other movies you can recommend that rocked your world?

Yours, without the bollocks


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