Jax is the Big 5 Today

My littlest pudding, Jax, is five today and He’s the Man. He knows everything and has absolutely no problem arguing with anyone who contradicts him. He’s completely charming and nothing upsets him more than not being able to wrap people around his little finger – especially the ladies. He’s very cheeky and spends a large part of his day practising funny faces and multiple accents – however, based on his two best mates and 1st girlfriend originally coming from India, that’s his signature accent, although American is in there too. 

There’s no doubt about it – he’s definitely picked up his Dad’s talent for accents. Overall Jax is annoying, argumentative, cantankerous and a big pain in my arse.

But life without Jax would be very dull indeed. He makes me laugh every day, because he has a cracking sense of humour and I love it when he shares his dreams with me. I have great admiration for his strength of character, and while sometimes he’s a cranky bastard, he is such a strong little dude, who stands up for himself and for those he loves. His big brother drives him nuts and when Jaxie’s blood boils, man can he go wild. But if anyone else messes with Lex, he’s at his brother’s side 100 per cent, ‘cos no one has that right. It also appears Dad is not immune to Jax’s chivalry. During a recent pool-tussle between Mum and Dad, Jax took it on himself to beat his Dad up, because no one messes with his Mum either….

It’s pretty impressive having three lads who’ve got my back.

Jax is magic and marvelous – I bloody love him. He’s got such an amazing future ahead of him – if we don’t screw him up along the way of course. He’s smart, curious, gentle, loving, charming, funny, strong and resilient. He knows who he is, what he likes (and Lightening McQueen remains top of the pops), and has a strong sense of justice. He also “knows” things, and so we’ve nicknamed him the prophet. It’s amazing how much our little man predicts and comes true – definitely one to listen to.

My only wish for him is that he sleeps in his own bloody bed… I know it won’t last forever, as I’m sure he won’t be visiting us once puberty kicks in, but it’s been a long year of nightly interruptions…

Jax you’re a terrific kid my love, and while I acknowledge that I’m biased, I figure that’s a Mother’s privilege.

Happy 5thbirthday my love – you’re a cracker. Right, let the spoiling begin.

Yours, without the bollocks

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