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It’s a very challenging time to blog right now

I have so much to say. Some of it is flippant – the funny life stuff we all laugh at. But more of it is outrage, incredulousness and horror. I’ve written to the latter many times, because I don’t believe that being silent is good during this time of chaos for our world. We need to speak up and fight for what we think is right.
But you’ve got to be ready to fight when you take on big issues, and sometimes, your heart just isn’t capable of doing it. When you really put yourself out there, it can cause a lot of anxiety, because you open yourself up to attack. It’s not fun and you’ve got to brace yourself for a bumpy ride.
There are people out there who can be so horrible and it seems all they want to do is rip you apart. They don’t know you. They don’t know your heart. They couldn’t give two shits about you. They just want to have a go at you for having a different opinion, or for being a liberal, and they never stop.
Besides, when the fuck did it become a crime to be a liberal anyway? What’s wrong with wanting to educate yourself on alternative viewpoints and to seek the best for all the world’s people? Another fallout of 2016…
To change hearts and minds, to encourage people to be gentler and more loving, to plea with the world for more tolerance and love are, what I consider, good things. However right now, it leaves you open to horrible ugliness. If you haven’t experienced it, I have to tell you, it’s very unpleasant when you’re on the receiving end. Very very unpleasant.
We’re going through a time when it feels like everyone is aligned to a side or an idea, and we’re incapable of having a discussion or hearing another perspective, without being offensive or horrible to those on the opposing side. This saddens me more than anything, because we are better than that.
As a blogger of many years, it’s disheartening. My goal with my blogs has always been to do no harm. I hope to make people laugh, sometimes cry, but I don’t want to make people hate. Because, the truth is, I don’t hate anyone. How can I? The world is full of magnificent people.
Oh sure there are arseholes too, but on my many adventures all over this fine planet, the majority of people are magnificent. Of that I can assure you.
My only goal is to be one of the many voices trying to move our world forward to the next level of consciousness. A world where the barriers come down, the walls come down, fear stops being a dominant energy, and we all take responsibility and ask: what can we ALL do to stop this madness?
Ultimately, I hope the world gets to the point quickly where we can say collectively: shit, that was close!
New haircuts
But even writing flippant blogs is tough right now. I wanted to share a story about the boys exercising their right to their own hairstyles for the first time, with both choosing a mohawk/Mohican. As baldness is typically inherited from the maternal side, and with every man in my family bald (plus Steve being a nude nut), we agreed that they can have whatever hairstyle they want, because soon there will be no hair to style.
The interesting thing is, a couple of weeks in, they no longer want to spike their hair at all. We gave them the freedom of choice, they exercised it, and now they’re done. That’s been one of my greatest parent lessons. If you don’t resist their ideas and choices, they get over them very quickly.
But you see, that little story feels so un-important right now. It is important though, because nice, easy, heart-warming stories have never been more important with the deluge of sickening world events we seem to be constantly facing.  We need the warm and fuzzys. What’s the point of life otherwise?
Anyhoo, just wanted to share how I’ve been feeling if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged for a while. This time is having a very big impact on me. I’m a happy, optimistic person most of the time. I believe goodness will win the day. I believe that if you have a dream and commit to it 100 per cent, you will get there. I believe humans are good essentially and we all want the same thing. I believe we can come out the other side of this time better and more loving.
Basically, I do believe that love will win the day – as poxy as that may sound.
However, we’ve got some complicated times to get through. This is not an easy time for planet earth and the challenges we face are not easy to overcome – especially when so many are so fearful of others.
We can overcome though, and we all have a role to play in getting there. We have entered the Golden Age of true people power, so please, don’t think you can’t do anything to change the course of our future. Right now, our combined voice is the only thing that will make a difference.
Tough times, but I am a believer, are you? Let me know how this time is impacting you? I know I’m not alone and perhaps if we can share with each other how we’re feeling, we can better support each other through this time?
Yours, without the bollocks
Planet Earth Apocalypse Concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Courtesy of Shutterstock.
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