It takes nothing to be kind, so please, be kind, to everyone

I’m on the beach the other evening and there’s a team of horses the tourists love to hire. During the low season – which is coming to an end soon – we haven’t seen too much activity on the horse front. But the horses are back in numbers, and that means the tourists are coming back too.
In the last 12 months, I’ve certainly come to appreciate the serenity of Phuket’s low-season, sans tourists, although low season equals unbelievable amounts of rubbish washed up by the ocean. There’s so much rubbish… sigh.
Anyhoo, this crew who hired the horses could ride – unlike most who plod along the beach. But when these teams head to the beach, I’m never looking at the tourists, as there’s always much more to admire in the work ethic of the guy’s accompanying them. Typically, they walk along, holding the reins of the horses, but on this occasion, they ran while doing it.
That is endurance sport right there – running on sand, sometimes hard, sometimes soft – and one must assume these are some bloody fit bastards! Because let’s not forget, they do it multiple times a day.
Freddy (the dog) tends to stay well away from the horses, preferring to give his love to any human crossing his path. I’m happy he wants to stay away from the horses, however his love for humans is not always an endearing quality – especially in this part of the world. You’d be amazed how shit scared people are of a friendly Golden Retriever!
Anyhoo, Freddy decides to run up to one of the guys working, who at this point, was doing a video of his customer, galloping down the beach. I can already hear the oohs and ahhs when he gets home and shows his friends/family the video…
Except the guy videoing screwed it up, because of Freddy. Sorry mate is a regular mantra on the beach, but this is when it headed in a direction I don’t admire too much.
The guy on the horse comes racing up to the guy, shouting at him: why didn’t you take the video? What is wrong with you? I asked you to take the video!!
I can hear all of this, but only made it to the men/horse by the time he finished yelling. I’m like, hey darls, this is all my fault. I’ve just got a really friendly dog. I’m so sorry it spoiled your video.
I get an obsequious oh no problem madam. It is not your fault. I just really want to capture this moment on video.
All with a sweet smile on his face.
The guy working with the horses gave me a grateful smile for taking the anger away from him.
The difference couldn’t have been starker in how he spoke to both of us, and I have to say, especially in Thailand, when people speak like shit to the locals, I want to punch them in the face.
You will never meet a more respectful and humble people. The Thai’s are amazing, and they will never respond in kind if you speak to them like shit. It is not in their character.
Unfortunately, he was off before I had a chance to say: oi, don’t be a prick! Can you see how hard this guy is working for you? Be respectful. You are in Thailand and besides, EVERYONE deserves respect.
But this is not an uncommon experience for me, having lived in Asia for more than 15 years, and traveling the world for nearly 25 years. People speaking like shit to those they consider beneath them, but when I am in the middle of it, I get all deference and respect. Something I haven’t earned.
I don’t know if it’s my skin colour, the fear I’ll dish out a massive bitch slap on them, or my accent/nationality attracts this deference – although mostly, I’m going to assume it’s my skin colour – but whatever it is, it’s never on. Never.
I cannot stand this side of humanity. I don’t expect to be treated differently (better), and I certainly don’t expect anyone to be treated differently (worse), because of their skin colour, religion, nationality, perceived lower social status, or anything else.
I have a community made up of all makes and models. We are all human. Some were lucky to be born into great wealth, others have created their own wealth, and many are struggling week to week, but we are not different, our life experience is just different.
If I could cut one thing out of the world right now, it is this idea that some are above, while most are below.
No, we are all human, having a unique human experience – personally, within communities and globally – and if we want to take this world into the light from the dark place it now resides, changing this would be a good place to start.
So please, don’t be nice to me if you’re an arsehole to everyone else. Or I will give you a bitch slap.
Can anyone else relate?
Yours, without the bollocks
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