Handbag Upgrade

So it’s been a big day in the Without the Bollocks household – I bought myself a new handbag. Long overdue and, of course, it’s Coach – yes Sarah, I am chasing up Coach’s Corporate headquarters regarding its supply chain policy. However, I have to admit something – new factors had to be considered in the decision making process for the first time in my life. The main factor being – does this bag have enough space for my old lady accessories?

Yes, I had to upgrade not just my bag, but the size of my bag as well, because I now have to include things like spectacles. I hate to admit it, but my standard preference for a smaller bag, always neatly packed, is no longer relevant as I barrel towards my dotage. There are moments in life when one faces the reality of aging, and today was one of them… sigh.

Got this version in black of course…
However, with that said, even though I have a bigger handbag, I refuse to be one of those women whose bag is so chaotic that they are forced to spend a good 20 minutes on the ground, every day, looking for their keys. Oh no no no, I will maintain my rigid order and neat bag discipline. I have absolutely no idea how ‘Messy Handbag Girls’ cope with that level of chaos. Just watching it makes my skin crawl.

With that, I would like to wish all of my Chinese friends Gong Xi Fa Cai, I hope the reunions are fun and that fortunes are made!

I’ll be spending the weekend moving into my new handbag.

Yours, without the bollocks

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