FIE Focus for January 2013

Yesterday I launched my personal crusade to make my life magical and it’s entitled ‘Fuck it, Enough!’ I wanted to say a BIG thank you for the positive responses I’ve received already, especially Sandra who’s suggested we set up a motivation group to keep each other focused – anyone in Singapore want to join the fun? It seems that many people can relate to the on-going desire to make real changes in our lives, understanding that life could be a little bit better if we have the courage to make small changes, and that’s what it’s all about for me – lots of little changes resulting in lots of big changes over time. I’ve just decided to do this publicly to make it stick and I am thrilled some people want to come on the ride with me. Knowing I’m not alone is wonderful support.

As I said in my long blog yesterday, today I’m going to tell you what I plan on doing in January to start taking the steps towards the life I want to live. I have split my goals into actions and thoughts – so changes for the outside and changes for the inside. I’m a big believer in how our thoughts can shape our lives, and while I have no idea how I can change some of the mindsets dragging me down, I am hoping that by focusing on some of the negative ones, it could be the way to start. I suppose that focus (or paying attention to my thoughts) will help me catch myself when I go into the place I don’t want to go, and give me the chance to say no, ‘Fuck it, Enough!’

Focus for FIE January 2013 – and this elegantly scribed list is now pasted to my front door

  1. Wheat free for one month – not easy for an Aussie who likes a sandwich, and I’m going to explain my reasons for this in another blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now
  2. Stretch in the morning, walk in the evening – I started the morning stretch many months ago, but I am now adding the walk as well, plus recommitting to the stretching because I became a bit apathetic. My physical pursuits will increase, but I have some nagging issues so I need to focus on getting my strength back
  3. See an Osteo – as I said, I’ve got long-term issues from going to a chiropractor 10 years ago and rotator cuff injuries from my pregnancies – the only thing that’s helped is Osteo. My Osteo left Singapore, so I need to take the advice of friends and find a new one
  4. Do something new – this will be a monthly goal to keep me growing
  5. Take the bloody stairs – I live on the second floor for god’s sake! And that goes for escalators too – walk up them
  6. Say YES! – the amount of times I miss opportunities to be with people or do something fun amazes me. It’s been the case since the boys came along and I need to change that. I also need to stop the “I’m too tired” thinking. Being with people gives me energy
  7. Go out! – not only do I need to say yes to opportunities, but I need to create them as well – anything, just don’t spend so much time at home or on my own. And if I’m feeling blue, more so
  8. Listen to music – I’ve recently stocked up on more CDs for the car – Queen, Adam Lambert and more – the sort of music that I want to sing to. It makes me happy
  9. And while you’re at it – laugh! – this is a biggie for me, remembering to laugh more. I fell off the stool while bathing the boys the other night. It felt good for all of us to laugh at me


  1. It is how it is, so enjoy it – I spend too much time thinking of how things should be, as opposed to enjoying how it is
  2. “I have energy” – every time I find myself going into tired thinking, I need to remind myself that I have energy – I know it works, because I’ve tried it, now I need to lock it in as a ‘thought habit’
  3. Patience and love – this is a mantra I practise sometimes with my boys, but it needs to be a ‘thought habit’ as well
  4. Give the silent gift of love and joy – some will find this a bit naff, but many great thinkers have shared this wisdom and I do it sometimes, just express loving or kind thoughts silently to everyone I meet or engage with. The energy transfer is supposed to be extremely powerful when you do this, but the best bit is it makes you feel better towards everyone you meet

So there you go, my thoughts and actions to focus on for the month. I am going to explain a couple in blogs over the next week, because some need a bit of clarification, however these focus areas may not be relevant to you. Therefore, if you’re like me and have hit the point of ‘Fuck it, Enough” – where you’ve essentially had enough of yourself – I’d love to know what your ideas are?

And with that it’s now lunchtime… but no sandwich allowed. No worries – yummy rice crackers – ugh!

Yours, without the bollocks

3 thoughts on “FIE Focus for January 2013”

  1. Good on ya!

    Check out this cool new website called for their directory of wellness practitioners in Singapore, including Osteo.

    I really like Philippe at Far East.

  2. Thanks darls and will promote Whattherapy around town as well – it's a cracking Website. I've had another recommendation re Osteo I'm keen to try but if he's not good, promise I will check our your recommendation xxxxxxx

  3. I'd missed this blog – I'd been wondering what FIE was – good on ya! I think I'll try it on myself with my own list of thoughts and actions!) Let me know if/when you wanna meet up to compare notes! xx

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